To the Eye Doctor I go… (Part 1)

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One of my worst fears finally arrived. I was sick and in need of a doctor. My eyes were flaring red and I could not even bare to put in my contacts. So after about 10 days of hoping and praying that it would just go away on its own I finally gave in.


I called my Japanese insurance company who was surprisingly helpful. They spoke perfect English and promptly faxed me the contact information and directions with a map to an English speaking Ophthalmologist near my work.


Oh, if only life could always be that simple.


So I made the call. Hmm “English speaking,” the jury is still out on that one. After speaking in horribly broken “Janglish” to the receptionist she handed the phone over to the doc. His English was not much better than my Japanese and at that moment I knew this was surely going to be an adventure.


He seemed overcome with shock that a foreigner had called for his assistance, as if he had never promoted himself as “English speaking.” I thought this to be a bit odd. As I attempted to explain my problem and arrange a time to meet, he repeated everything I said about four or five times, along with everything he said. 


“Aww, yes, yes, yes, yes, I see, see, see. (laughing) Pain, you have pain, pain, pain, pain and red, red, red…. (laughing) Pain and red in the eyes, both eyes?”


“Yes, both eyes.”


(More laughing) “See, see, see (I think he was actually speaking Spanish at this point). Pain, pain, red, red, both eyes. Okay, okay, okay.”


I asked if I could come at Noon the next day.


“Tomorrow, Noon, 12:00 hours, I’ll come to see you?”


“Aww, see, see, see. Noon, noon tomorrow. 12:00 hours? Yes, yes, yes, okay, okay. (laughing) High noon (more laughing). Tomorrow high noon, high noon (hysterical laughing).”


“Yes, tomorrow at high noon. Daijobu (okay)?”


(More laughing) “Yes, high noon. Do you know Gary Cooper? Famous American actor from High Noon.”


“Yes” I reply as I think to myself, “Oh goodness, here it comes!”


(Laughing) “My favorite movie…Gary Cooper. High Noon (laughing)…. Da dunt ta dunt ta dunt dunt dunt, ta dunt ta dunt ta dunt dunt dunt, ta dunt dunt dunt ta daaa!” (incessant laughing)


Yes, he broke into song and continued to sing the entire theme song from High Noon, the classic Western film.


I finally managed to end the call on a good note. Now I just have to survive tomorrow and get some eye drops. Easy!




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photo by: maka77