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Our transportation from the tiny town of Bananito Norte to the Selva Bananito Reserve.
    Today, we used the most modes of transportation yet...which wasn't all that great for me, as I wasn't feeling my best (runny nose, fever-like symptoms, etc.). Leaving La Fortuna at 5:15am, we drove for about 3 hours...then stopped...the drove some more...before stopping yet again. We drove for a bit more, then left Hanz the bus driver (and our coach bus) for Juan Carlos the bus driver. Juan Carlos then drove us for 2 hours, before stopping and handing us off to two trucks (which had seats in the beds for us).
    The road the trucks drove us on was pretty hysterical. It basically consisted of a river that had run dry during the dry season...and, seeing as it was about a month into the rainy season, the road had begun to become a river again.
The road/river from Bananito Norte to the Selva Bananito Reserve.
I thought it was the greatest thing...haha. Actually, the best part of the ride (or at least the funniest) was that the gas tank for the truck I was in was just hanging out in the back with us...and was leaking. Poor Ana had to sit next to it, and all of us were laughing at the fact that we could just kind of blow up at any second. (Guess it actually wasn't that funny, but we all thought it was at the time.)

    We soon entered Selva Bananito...which may be my 2nd or 3rd favorite place in Costa Rica (and it upsets me that ISV doesn't bring the adventure tours there anymore...wonder why). It kind of reminded me of being back at Kekoldi. No electricity, so we were given candles (besides the fact that we all have headlamps and flashlights and stuff).
Beautiful view out the back of our cabin.
We were put 3-4 people per cabin. Almost every cabin has two queen sized-ish beds, a bathroom, and a back porch (with two hammocks...which was pretty much the greatest thing ever). My cabin was me, Brittney, Whitney and Joe. The view out the back porch was beautiful, with some mountains and the horses in the distance. The first night we were there, it was really hot, so I ended up sleeping in one of the hammocks, gazing out at one of the most amazing night skies I have ever seen.
    The next day, a few of us went tree climbing, which cost us a bit extra, but I think it was well worth it (at this point in the trip, I was kind of tired of going horseback riding, and that was what we could do if we didn't tree climb). They had set up a few ropes from high branches in a tall tree not far from the main dining lodge.
Tree climbing.
The staff there gave us some quick instruction, and then we were off...heading up into the canopy. Me, Britt and Aimee went up together and then "hung out" (haha) just looking at the view and doing whatever. The harness was a lot like a seat, so we were prety comfortable...and since we went last, we could take all the time we wanted. It was pretty hard work to get up to the top, but well worth it, and pretty fun. Surprisingly, it was actually harder to go back down, than to go up in the first place. I guess the technique is a little different...and we were already a bit tired from the workout on the way up.

    After lunch, we went on a hike. I didn't realize how much I missed walking around in the trees and beauty of the rainforest until we headed out from the lodge into the woods nearby.
Me up at the top of the tree.
It was really cool. We got to see red and green poison dart frogs (which really can't harm you unless you eat them or something like that) and a hog-nosed viper, as well as a brown eyelash viper. (Eyelash vipers apparently come in a few different colors...yellow, brown and red...so watch out!) The guide also showed us the largest web making spider in Costa Rica and we each took turns holding it.

    With dinner done, the staff at Selva Bananito made us a bonfire. I was pretty tired, so I just decided to hang out in the cabin. Turned out to be a good decision, since everyone had started drinking at around 3pm and I just wasn't in the mood for dealing with people in that condition, in the dark, around a big bonfire...so I stayed in and played some cards with Whitney, Lesley and Katie.
A huge locust...which are apparently very tasty when fried...
Hillary played DJ and it was a good time.

    Later that night, it was brought to my attention that we only had around 4 more days left...which brought mixed emotions. I definitely was ready to go home to some clean clothes...as well as to get away from some of the people that were beginning to bother me a bit...but I also didn't know what I was going to do with myself once I got home. I could do laundry, but that would only take a day...how could I not go zip lining, or horseback riding, or hiking through the rain forest, or really anything like what I did in Costa Rica so far? I just couldn't believe how fast the month had decided to fly by.
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Our transportation from the tiny t…
Our transportation from the tiny …
The road/river from Bananito Norte…
The road/river from Bananito Nort…
Beautiful view out the back of our…
Beautiful view out the back of ou…
Tree climbing.
Tree climbing.
Me up at the top of the tree.
Me up at the top of the tree.
A huge locust...which are apparent…
A huge locust...which are apparen…
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