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At the entrance to Cahuita National Park
    For our second free day, we decided to go to Cahuita to see the National Park there. Daniel told us there were tons of monkeys and other wild life around (even though we were living in the rainforest, we only heard howler monkeys once or twice and never actually saw any, so we were all very excited to take some pictures and check out our distant relatives.
    We all left the lodge and headed down to the road together with the plan to catch the 8:45am bus to Cahuita. Some of us got a later start than others and had to run down the trail to the road. The bus, however, was on Tico time and didn't show up until 9:30am, which apparently isn't very unusual.
Some of the beach at Cahuita National Park
..haha. Anyway, the bus from just outside Puerto Viejo to Cahuita only cost us around 50 cents US which was awesome, specially because the ride was around an hour.

    There are two entrances to Cahuita National Park. What's awesome about entering the park from the Cahuita end, is that it's free. You can donate whatever you wish, but other than that, you just sign in and head down the pathway just off the beach. (Entering from the other end of the park costs $6 USD.) From one end to the other, the walk can take around 3 hours...we decided to just walk in as far as we felt like walking and then turn around wherever. That worked out well, so we could relax, go in the water, climb around on trees, take pictures, etc.
What's missing from these trees? I believe it's a hammock!
and not have to worry about catching a bus on the other end or attempting to walk back. Also, not everyone had the same interests, so staying in one general area was a good idea.
    The walkway follows the beach, but what's nice is that you're under the cover of the trees. Once we had walked for a few minutes, wherever we were, we could look up and spot some monkeys hanging around in the branches. There was one area that had around 10 howler monkeys (actually quiet which was weird) just hanging there relaxing in the afternoon heat. It was cool. There were also a lot of iguanas and other lizards running around the trail. At any point, you could just cut out from under the trees and go hang out on the beach. There were some picnic tables to relax at and it was a really nice time...besides the beautiful views and great beach.
Cool wooden boat hanging from the ceiling in the restaurant we ate lunch at.

    The town of Cahuita is not all that big. It basically consists of one main road, with some shops, a few internet/phone places, and a handful of places to eat. We all attempted to eat together (that meant 11 people walking into a restaurant at once) which took quite a while. I'm sure it's not the fault of the restaurant we were at, but yeah. Haha. What kept us entertained were the cats hanging around there...probably not smart on our part to play with some random cats and then eat, but oh well.

    Leaving Cahuita took forever...apparently the 4:15pm bus back to Hone Creek was not on Tico time, and actually left early. We ended up sitting around, talking to a local who was originally from the US, and waiting a bit for the next bus out. Overall, it was a good day and I would definitely recommend a trip there if you're in Limón.
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At the entrance to Cahuita Nationa…
At the entrance to Cahuita Nation…
Some of the beach at Cahuita Natio…
Some of the beach at Cahuita Nati…
Whats missing from these trees? I…
What's missing from these trees? …
Cool wooden boat hanging from the …
Cool wooden boat hanging from the…
Some more Cahuita scenery.
Some more Cahuita scenery.
photo by: Stigen