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Somehow, I broke the key to our room in Hotel America.
    After our third day of the rafting trip, we headed back to Heredia. I finished up some souvenir shopping for friends and family and took the first warm shower I've had in a while. Haha. For myself, I got five packs of these coconut cookies that I had fallen in love with.
    When we got to Hotel America, I somehow managed to break the key off in the door while trying to lock it. Not sure how that happened. We all started laughing hysterically..and when I brought it to the front desk to get a new one and the guy there thought it was pretty funny, as well.

    Since it was the last evening/night of our trip, ISV had a little banquet with a buffet dinner set up for us.
Me and the greatest tour leader ever, Liza.
We took a bunch of pictures, hung out and then everyone took off to Boulevar for some drinks. It was a lot more crowded than it had been during the Spanish lesson week, but it was still a lot of fun. Liza was there with all of us hanging out. She told me I'm ISV tour leader material and that I have the stuf to do it. She gave me her email and phone number to call her whenever I come back to Costa Rica.
    Got back from the bar, used the computer in the main lobby for a bit, and then went back to the room (where there were eight of us). Everyone came back not long after that and it was really loud but no one cared because it was our last night.
    We had to be out of our rooms by 10am the next morning, with all our stuff put in one room where we could pick it up later before our flight.
Aero Chips on the plane back to the US. They're shaped like little planes. It's really quite amusing.
Since the bus for my flight wasn't leaving until 2:15pm, Whitney and I found Daniel (Pablo apparently was off in Spain or something like that) and he let us help talk to the new group of kids who would be staying at Kekoldi for the next two weeks.

    Then it was time to head out. It's kind of crazy that five weeks went by so quickly. Clean, dry clothes would be amazing when I got home, but Costa Rica was amazing. Took the group flight back to Miami. It was kind of funny to be spoken to in English again. We got out of this tram kind of thing and a guy asked us where we were coming from, and I had to think about it. I kind of stared at him for a few seconds before realizing what he was asking. Haha. We got our stuff and then crashed in the hotel room Cassie's parents had gotten her. Me, her and hillary fit comfortably in the king sized bed. Took off the next morning for home.
    It was an awesome trip.
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Somehow, I broke the key to our ro…
Somehow, I broke the key to our r…
Me and the greatest tour leader ev…
Me and the greatest tour leader e…
Aero Chips on the plane back to th…
Aero Chips on the plane back to t…
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