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PuDong by day
Shanghai itself was a blur--we arrived with the tail end of a typhoon that was battering the southern provinces and soaked us out the first day and a half. After the packed schedule of ECHT I was expecting an equally grueling schedule in China however we were left plenty of time to ourselves... too much time. We did not go to Pudong, missed the Yuyuan gardens due to the rain (I for one was willing to go, but as it turned out was the only one interested so I relented... It is ultimately disappointing to discover your partners in adventure will scrap plans over something as small as inclimate weather.)

From what we did do--

THE SHANGHAI MUSEUM-- Shaped like a bronze ding, full of dings and other amazing artifacts and artworks.
Buddhist art from the Shanghia Museum-- this museum is packed-- give yourself plenty of time, or do as we did and go back for seconds.
Give yourself plenty of time.
THE ACROBATS-- yes it's cheesy, yes they perform to Ricky Martin, but it's still a great time. They can do things with their bodies that just don't seem possible.
NANJING ROAD AT NIGHT-- electrifying and you're sure to run into an event or performance of some kind. Walk all the way down to the river and get beautiful views of Pudong lit up as well.
PEACE HOTEL-- Just step inside as you pass by- it makes you forget what country you're in.
PEARLS CITY-- A large multi-shopped mall on Nanjing Road that specializes in, obviously, pearls. A favorite haunt of mine-- plenty of good deals to be had. Made friends with a girl who was the main english speaker in the shop I like best (Demi Pearls) and gave her my email address. We still write.

Think Twice:
HUANGPU RIVER CRUISE: Perhaps this would have been a great time if we had taken the short version around downtown, however there is a long standing joke regarding Gordon and boat tours-- the Viking in him forces him to opt for the maximum amount of water travel that the rest of us will put up with.
Breakdancing contest, Nanjing Road
The ride out to the confluence with the Yangtze was long, made longer by the fact that our tickets did not entitle us to sit out on the deck (not disclosed at time of purchase) and general cramped position we were in to begin with (our boat was about 1/3 the size of the one illustrated on the ticket-- ironically, we had to walk through the one pictured on our tickets to board our boat. We thought they were joking.) Sometimes long is nice, however the entire riverside is built up with the various buildings and moorings need for shipping and industry... and you see it all twice. A decent way to unwind-- have a few drinks, and catch up on your postcards and journaling.
NEW WORLD--feels modular and contains nothing of interest if you're there for historical or cultural purpose. Good place for expensive ice cream.
River Cruise on the Huang Po to Wusongku Port--

SITE OF THE FIRST COMMUNIST CONGRESS--Am not sure if it would have been worthwhile if the museum portion was in full swing, however it was going through renovation and nothing but documents on display.
SUN YAT-SEN'S RESIDENCE--nice home with an interesting tour system-- audio tracks tripped by attendants who harass you to either stay and listen or move along when the narration has finished.

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PuDong by day
PuDong by day
Buddhist art from the Shanghia Mus…
Buddhist art from the Shanghia Mu…
Breakdancing contest, Nanjing Road
Breakdancing contest, Nanjing Road
River Cruise on the Huang Po to Wu…
River Cruise on the Huang Po to W…
Interior courtyard of the Jade Bud…
Interior courtyard of the Jade Bu…
Avelokiteshvara/ Kwanyin Statue in…
Avelokiteshvara/ Kwanyin Statue i…
This is Alice.  Pearls City was a …
This is Alice. Pearls City was a…
Nanjing Road at night-- after this…
Nanjing Road at night-- after thi…
The Bund
The Bund
Sun Yat-sens lawn.
Sun Yat-sen's lawn.
San Cai tri colored horse.
San Cai tri colored horse.
PuDong at night
PuDong at night
photo by: spocklogic