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Entrance into Mammoth Cave
It's been years since I have visited Mammoth Cave and truthfully I wasn't planning on visiting it two weeks ago when I did.  I had planned on just spending a day in Louisville (about an hour and a half north of Cave City, KY).  But some friends of mine were down in the park on a two day caving tour so Ian and I decided to stop by for a night.  Upon entering Cave City you'll notice alot of tourist traps that aren't too prevelant around Kentucky.  They have your normal crap such as bumper boats in a pool outside the place, mini golf, and a "Mystery House", which also sells cheap sunglasses (a favorite impulse buy of mine). 
We wanted to do some kayaking so we stopped at an outfitter who gave us our kayaks and gave us a lift to the Green River.  We wanted to do 12 miles, but the lady who was working said that given the time of day it would be best to do 7 miles.  After a small discussion, she had us pay for 7 miles and said if we wanted 12 to keep on going.  We're glad we didn't get 12.  Green River is a lazy river with very little spots that have a current, so that's 7 miles of straight up paddlin'.  After 7 miles of that, we were OK with calling it a day. 
The Green River is a beautiful river that lazily winds through the hills of KY.  Right after the drop off area there is a small cave that you can paddle into for about 70 feet.  It was probably the coolest part of the 7 miles.  There was a beautiful storm that we found ourselves in the middle of.  Lots of thunder and some good lightning.  We found a nice sand beach along the river to watch the storm from and have a few beers. 
After the kayaking we found our way to the campground where they weren't expecting us.  It was cool to see our friends all happy that we showed up unannounced to their camp.  I would not reccomend staying at the national park if you like to stay up late.  We had a ranger (a very nice guy just doing his job) stop by our camp 3 times because we were being loud after 10 PM.  Now, I don't mind the 12AM quiet hours, but 10PM is a little strict. 
The next morning Ian and I opted to take the 2 hour 2 mile cave trip called the "Historical" tour.  It was a brief introduction to the cave and was a pretty easy trip.  We learned about the history of the cave and walked through a very small portion of the cave.  For $12, it was well worth it and our guide April was quite a fun host.
I'd reccomend taking the trip to Mammoth Cave but would opt for a longer cave experience.  Due to time limitations, unfortunately we could only do the 2 mile.
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Entrance into Mammoth Cave
Entrance into Mammoth Cave
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Cave City
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