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Messe-zeit in FFM...a week trip in mid-June.  All backpackers, if you ever have to stay over in FFM, avoid trade-shows and conferences! (hotel $ is x1.5)

I was informed that June is a part of asparagus season (Spargelzeit), and apparently Germans love asparagus (both green and white kinds).  A restaurant I visited near the old opera (Alte Oper) certainly didn't disappoint (appetizer, soup, salad, main course...the only thing missing was asparagus ice cream!!) It was certainly a welcome change to the usual meat-and-potato german cuisine though.  Have a bottle of local Riesling along with the meal at a patio and the summer in FFM is in full swing! 

I was also lucky to be in town for the kick-off of the 10-day street festival called Opernplatz Festival.  The idea is to walk around, eat, drink, dance and be jolly.  Dozens of tents served everything from Bratwurst, pasta, pizza, paella to sushi, fried rice, curry, and tacos.  Drinks were a little more favoured toward local stuff, with Bitburger having a big tent and Apfelwein flowing like water, although if one wishes, summery drinks like caipirinha, mojito, and sangria were also available.

It was my first encounter with Apfelwein (apple wine)--Appler, as some calls it.  The name says it all, although I believe the alcohol content is more like beer than wine.  I was recommended to have a little bit of soda water to make "spritzer".  The taste is unfamilar, unfruity-than-expected, but refreshing, nonetheless.  It seems like it is a law to drink apfelwein from a silly-looking, tapered glass with diamond patterns on it.  I did not see it being served in any other vessel.      

Friday the 15th was the official launch date, and at the stage, there were two "flamenco" dancers, one clearly being a belly dancer, dancing to a gipsy king song.  Second act was a Brazilian samba-bona nova band which definitely was more authentic. 

The next evening turned out to be a surprise treat, with full 10-piece Cuban band headlining the stage.  Fiery frontman and Sat-night party crowd fed off of each other to generate a very energetic show.  A Japanese-Canadian in Frankfurt, sipping sangria and swaying to the music of Cuban salsa....isn't this world a wonderful place?





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