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Enjoying life now in Europe by car . Thank God for the kindness and luck I hope to have along the way I go with no set destination. My goal is to view as much as I can.

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November 8th, 2010Camberley, England
November 14th, 2010Leon, Spain
November 14th, 2010Avranches, France
November 14th, 2010Bayeux, France
November 14th, 2010Rouen, France
November 14th, 2010Dover, England
November 14th, 2010Bordeaux, France
November 14th, 2010Salamanca, Spain
November 22nd, 2010Lisbon, Portugal
November 22nd, 2010Tomar, Portugal
November 22nd, 2010Sevilla, Spain
November 22nd, 2010Cordoba, Spain