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After getting gas in France and not Spain. I thought it a safe bet to do the opposite and save myself some euro going Spain to Portugal- wrong again! And the pisser is I pulled into the gas station, it was full, got in line and almost asked if Portugal was cheaper but it was raining so I just went into Portugal. Mistake, gas is 22 euro more per litre. That is like an extra $4 per gallon.  So anywho, Portugal is very cool, all the towns, villages in the center have castles, some walled in completely. All very old. In Tomar, the Knights Templar started there. This was unique castle with all the crosses that we know from the first crusade. The inside cathedral was also unique in that it was centered and circular- seems supported from the center than the traditional walls where the vaults support  a more oblong structure.

See picture of Tomar. There were aqueducts extending away from the castle too that were some 10 meters above the ground. Very cool to think the first knights of the crusades started here and then later got extremely rich and thus ostracized from the church.  Then I went north of Lisbon alittle to see the beaches. Very beautiful and if I was a surfer I think this is heaven.  Now Lisbon is the capitol, you got Voltaire’s Candide staring you everywhere. The egocentric, over the top grandeur is thick and gaudy but to some people it is lovely. To me it is like a 5 tier wedding cake. The fact it is so well kept and there is such an abundance of 18th C. buildings and statues and fluer –des –li everywhere, the opulence makes (me sick) for a sense of paradise.
It is an ode to colonization, amazing how such a little country could have such power. Anywho, it is what it is.

And the Slovenian girls were way too funny- so I wonder does their European thought consume others of America? Pretty girls, god yes, and gifted in language but rather shallow in pretense.  One could go on about the necessity of consumerism (or being pretty if your to speak and not know what...)  especially if your dolled up to the “t”. And one could reject it too, if one feels that all people should have the same languor of life as yourself.  There is much to be said of beauty. I simply am amazed at at any given time no matter how bored I am with a womans (not all) conversation I still think to myself how much I want to make love to her!  It is too funny, after awhile as they argue away the unvirtuous world America creates, (their parents paid for their life of luxury through god forbid- labor), n  Sartre was depressing, (and 3 hours/2 days passionate about this, hands flying, emotions running) and yet the only thing running around my head is… if I get these girls to drink alittle…

And drink I found was a highlight.

There is a very cool shop charging 1 euro a shot of scrumptious cherry liquor!  As excited as I was with Lisbon I found a vast amount of my afternoons being taken up standing just outside the doorway with a shot in my hand. It is meant as such. I step inside the door is the bar, the floor is sticky and everyone is outside having a shot or two. Quite a lovely little concept I am sure to think more of. In fact the 2 bartenders I became friends with told me the basic recipe and the know hows of their little revenue maker- once a bartender always a bartender! Lots of love going to this idea. Lastly, a learning lesson. The police of Lisbon are wonderful. Not much to do there but hunt for the thief that stole my GPS. I was wrong to leave the cradle connected to the window- obviously it didn’t take a brain scientist to figure it all out and open the glove compartment.
Cest la vie. No use crying when you bought 2 bottles of cherry liquor! Bon appetite!  But I did try to find the culprit the next day at the theives market.

14 minutes to I win my Spanish electronic dictionary!!! Excited to learn a language! This is really neat what I am doing now…. (more later)

So I drove into Sevilla and Cordoba. This area of Spain (SW) is where the Moors (Muslims from Africa) had their greatest hold. Sevilla is suppose to have the 3rd largest cathedral, I say suppose cause Salamanca and Leon took me like a combined 24 hours to get through. Sevilla 2 hours.  Maybe I am getting Cathedralled out.  Which may mean a redirection around France and Italy right to Slovenia!! Yummy (picture of wolf, hands on the proper utensils and eyes looking at little red riding hood)  Cordoba is cooler in the fact it was the center of  the Muslim world and lavish it was.

I want to be a modern day caliph- talk about the love of beauty. These men and I definitely have much in common. Anywho, the rest can be found here:,_Spain

2 minutes to go and up from 12 euro to 24. Must be a damn nice dictionary. And the winner is 34euro, that is like a months wage in America- geez Louise!  Brother Justin can this come to your house and then you send it to me in Spain?

So now in Granada and Granada to stay. I rented a place for the month. It feels good, though I could have rented a place a tad bit f’ing closer to the party scene but this is better  for 1- my mother will be happier that her only son isn’t pissed every night.

from the Castle
It is cheaper. I read all the signs as I walk into town. I have time to do language exchange- no one in the neighborhood speaks English. My roommate is from Morocco and we get along very well.  The other lad is British and maybe not so normal (in  a British male way) we really haven’t talked much but he seems very mysterious as I must seem like a mans best friend with my tail wagging.

Wish me well and enjoy the pics. More of Granada later.  Don’t let me forget the story of the butter, hooves, and maybe.

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from the Castle
from the Castle
Brazil, Rio and here.
Brazil, Rio and here.
photo by: Johnpro