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So earlier this week we had the privilege to visit Atucha I and II – two of the three nuclear reactors in Argentina.  Atucha II is not quite done yet, just 20 percent more to go.  We had the chance to tour the nearly finished site and it was such a great opportunity!  Argentina is currently producing enough nuclear energy to supply 6 percent of the provided energy and after the third reactor is built, enough nuclear energy will be provided for 25 percent of Argentina’s population.  While we were there, we saw new employees being trained for their job at the reactor.  It was the first time in 14 years that the reactor was hiring new workers.  There were 40 of them – what a privilege it must be to work at a place that is going to influence Argentina and all of it’s populous so much!

            The week before, we attended a think tank that presented Argentina’s position as a nuclear energy supplier and as a member of the NPT and its relationship regarding nuclear energy and technology with other countries.  Argentina was wise in its decision to pursue and persist in conducting nuclear technology for peaceful and efficient purposes.  Rather than wasting time and money to build nuclear weapons, they can spend the extra money on more productive purposes such as promoting Boca Junior around the world.  Anyways, Argentina is not consumed with the game theory of a security dilemma or an arms race due to the production of nuclear weapons, rather, they just have to maintain the rules and regulations of the NPT and keep checks on Brazil’s nuclear technology.  Smart country.

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