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Korea, is best seen by taking walks through the country, I wouls suggest having a solid map to get you around the area. However, nothing is better than having people that love to take adventures into the unknown. This picture here shows one of the many open air markets that are commonly found in Korea. The vast and strange smells protruding from the markets can be enough to drive people nuts. But hey, the local fauna is interesting, specially once you see that it's served for food..;) As I said earlier, some basic korea would help, the train and subway system is writen in their native language and unless you know where you are heading, you can and will get lost easily. There are some people that are willing to spend the cash to take a cab (most cabbies have some basic english).
But still it's easier to converse knowing their native language.
    One of the many trips taken there during the welcome to Korea tour. We hit up an American-Korean appreciation association, we were taken to some of the local sights. Starting off with some classic Beef and leaf meal at a local dine in place. Beef and leaf is essentially pan fried beef, with lots of spices (red peppers, grown at a large scale), some bean sprouts and various vegetables. You take the beef, slap it on a leaf of lettuce add some rice, maybe some Kimchi to taste and slap that bad boy back.   Just remember that if you walk to some extablishments, you can't question wether it's beef or something else. lacking any language skills, it's best to eat and never ask questions.  Keep in mind that some places (very few and rare) will serve Odie over a bowl of rice. This would be considered a delicacy as it's rarely provide in the open.
    During the tour we got to see some of the local, dances preformed with loudly beaten drums, and beautiful dances. We further dwelled in to one of the local temples and were allowed to see the small museum they had there. So of those pictures are listed in this section of the blog. The colors are bright and vibrant and the combinations are tasteful.
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photo by: jdax57