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    This was an enjoyable event, a complete change of pace to the avarage day spent in Korea. Everyone cheerfull showing off their colors and upscale dressing, Korean style. The typical Christmas Party, has well you know, drunk people, some games intended for more mature audiences. And lastly some present exchange or prices of the sort. Usually, people are in a cheery mood and chiper. For the most part it was a fun event. I of course had to wear the pimp suit and fedora hat. At least it's called pimp now, back in the 1920s it was considred expected and fashionable to wear a fedora hat. Sadly, Koreans struggle with copying classic Fedora hats; (note to self, order a fedora for this years Xmas party).
      Irregardless, the night was fairly memorable, could have been more memorable if I was attached to a significant other, well not much can be said on that one.

I dated one local gal, but she was in too much of a hurry to get married, and with that my mood to date went out the window. What happened to the days of taking it easy and slow?  Then again I'm stuck in a conundrum, being in the military doesn't give you the luxury of taking your time, most of the time you spend 2-3 years at one place and then you move off to a new place.  Complaining asside...There was nothing wrong with spending time with freinds. Watching our commander sloshed aiming for that Karoke machine...more to come on one of our few days out as a huge group and of course our going away, sloshed people karoking and there after looking for chicken on a stick breaking curfew and crashing with the last tid bits of cash at a hotel....always fun trying to figure out how to get home on 200 won...;)

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photo by: chiyeh