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      Among the few presents that  I got on christmas in Korea, this one was the best one by far. Thanks to the close freinds you make with the pilot community, I was given the chance to take a UH-60 Simulator for a ride.  After some basic instructions on how Helicopters work, and of course what a Collective is and how all the buttons, sticks and pedals work. I was off with a reliable co-pilot, at least I thought so. First task was to hover over the runway at 20 feet, a simple task as it was explained to me, basic in all sense. Co-pilot at the helm successful hover at 20 feet.  My turn at the stick so to speak, increasing the power to the engines.....taking off, 10ft up, 15ft up, 20ft up, 30ft up....35ft, geez decrease power to the engines, 35ft back down to 15ft in a skip, increase the power jump up to 40ft, decrease power hit the ground solid and jump to 20ft.

...end result hover at 20ft unsuccessful. With significant help from the co-pilot managed to keep it at 20ft, moving on to other tasks....takein off and completing an oval track around the virtual airfield.
    After take off, co-pilot conversing with the backseat trainer, I discovered that I was having a hard time fighting the pedals and keeping the helo in a straight line, reason later was discovered that I was fighting the co-pilot who had her feet hard on the pedals...that means I could have avoided side fliping the helo onto the ground.....twice.  One more task at hand, after completing the oval, landing the helo on the runway.  THREE unsuccessful attempts, bottom line result: don't expect me to fly any helos, if both co and pilot are suffering a heart attack.

     The last part of this trip was well you know it, flying with all the stops pulled,  severe weather, generator failure and low visibility, end result, successful landing; most of the work done by the co-pilot....and the backseat trainer also showed off his ability to auto hover a helicopter into a safe landing....that and pulling a barrel roll on the virtual gained respect for the UH-60 and the flying community....eventfully fun if I can only get into one of the Air Force simulators...;)

scubagirl76 says:
I got the chance to to go on a T-38 simulator, I also failed miserably! long story short I crashed into downtown San Antonio buildings :) my landings were even worse!
Posted on: Jan 12, 2008
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photo by: chiyeh