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Chun'chon Home of Camp Page (Pageeda).

   Once I arrived here I thought I would lose my mind, so far away from the known world, thrown into the mix, with no korean language backround. Out in middle of nowwhere, I was given a room, which by Air Force Standards was considered substandard. But I guess for the Army it was almost like the Biltmore Hotel. I guess differences in the Military do exist.

In any case I'm not going to pick on my fellow brothers, My fourth floor loft, over looked the vast portion of the Chun' Chon Valley, work furtunately was within rock throwing distance. The party noise from the fellow brothers in arms was usually bareable to a degree. Not so much if it was 2am and I was waking up at 5am for work. But hey it's Korea, and Korea for us in the military means a year long party.

Picture taken Oct 1, 2004
And trust me it is a party, every day you can go get drunk stumble back on base for curfew and finish up drinking or passing out whatever the case may be.

 For me being single there was pretty hard, mostly because my choices in mates was limited by far. 300 or so people shared the little cozy base out of those perhaps 30-40 were women. 20 Were married (5 of those shady cheaters) the other half were of consequently dating potential (depending on your level of standard), but now you have to compete with 250 other men (chances look slim for me). I wasn't really looking get hitched, just companionship ( I ousted my dating borders out of the camp) and found two ladies worth dating, sadly I found otherwise, as they falandared with other guys who were more superflous with their wallets (again I lost that competition) in any case my retribution came, I left 4 months early to Germany.

  It was home none-the-less, plenty of shenanigans to get into there, and alot of fun as memory serves right..:)

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Picture taken Oct 1, 2004
Picture taken Oct 1, 2004
photo by: ZachSexton