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After leaving Goldsboro North carolina heading towards Raleigh Airport, Caught a flight to Atlanta international. Little did I know that my flight to Seoul Korea would last over 12hrs. Gotta love direct flights. Once there in Seoul, I was picked up by the commander. A semi downside, the day there was fairly dreery. The monsoon season was upon korea. What I didn't know was the it would rain every single day until the height of the summer. Man I didn't know there were places like that. I mean yea being from Florida you are used to getting rain "almost" everyday. However, you do have more sunshine than Korea.
    It was all good, The drive was interesting the world seemed new, as tired as I was. Nothing was more interesting than staring out the window and checking out the new home. The first night there at Camp Red Cloud, I headed to the KATUSA bar, I took the liverty of taking a taste of Korea. My partner in crime had me take a taste of Bulgogi Rice (basically beef and rice) Man was that good. As I settled in to the area, new tastes were tried, Beef and leaf, Dakalbi, and the hundred of times we went drinking, and nearly breaking curfew (Americans stationed in Korea are under curfew). Even with the curfew, there is plenty of things to get into.
    Overall my Korea experience was worth while, and I wouldn't mind taking a second tour there, but preferably not with the army. But hey beggars can't be choosers. For anyone that takes interest in this blog, I suggest going to Korea (civilians will enjoy the freedom of no curfew). As for the military ppl, by all means have translation book, take some basic korean language course (helps to get past the language barrier). I didn't have much problems communicating with locals, mostly through hand and pointing conversation. Didn't get much out, but there was infinite patience by the locals.
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photo by: jdax57