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If I was going to play music in “every country on earth”, I knew I’d have to get to Iraq someday. I just never imagined that it would be this soon.

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July 10th, 2010Ouarzazate, Morocco
July 10th, 2010Skoura , Morocco
July 10th, 2010Douar Kbaba Khemis, Morocco
July 10th, 2010Oulad Hsin, Morocco
July 10th, 2010Skoura, Morocco
July 11th, 2010Toundout, Morocco
July 11th, 2010Taourirt Igherm, Morocco
July 11th, 2010Tazouda, Morocco
July 11th, 2010Imin Oulou, Morocco
July 12th, 2010Ait Ala, Morocco
July 12th, 2010Asmdok, Morocco
July 12th, 2010Taghra, Morocco
July 12th, 2010Tamzrit, Morocco
July 12th, 2010Amezri, Morocco
July 12th, 2010Agaras, Morocco
July 12th, 2010Tasgawan, Morocco
July 13th, 2010El Harr, Morocco
July 13th, 2010Kelaa M'gouna, Morocco
July 14th, 2010Ait Abbou, Morocco
July 14th, 2010Ait Tahya, Morocco
July 14th, 2010Iba Rahin, Morocco
July 14th, 2010Tizzi, Morocco
July 14th, 2010Terfindout, Morocco
July 14th, 2010Ait Ahia, Morocco
July 14th, 2010Terikim, Morocco
July 14th, 2010El G'deren, Morocco
July 15th, 2010Tabouraht, Morocco
July 15th, 2010Tekirt, Morocco
July 15th, 2010Tazentout, Morocco
July 24th, 2010Tahla, Morocco
July 25th, 2010Taoujdate, Morocco
July 30th, 2010Gibraltar
July 30th, 2010La Linea de la Concepcion, Spain
July 31st, 2010La Barca de Vejer, Spain
July 31st, 2010Vejer de la Frontera, Spain
July 31st, 2010Chiclana de la Frontera, Spain
July 31st, 2010San Fernando, Spain
August 1st, 2010Cadiz, Spain
August 1st, 2010Puerto Real, Spain
August 1st, 2010El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain
August 2nd, 2010Rota, Spain
August 2nd, 2010Chipiona, Spain
August 2nd, 2010Sanlucar de Barrameda, Spain
August 3rd, 2010Trebujena, Spain
August 3rd, 2010Lebrija, Spain
August 3rd, 2010Las Cabezas de San Juan, Spain
August 3rd, 2010Los Palacios y Villafranca, Spain
August 4th, 2010Dos Hermanas, Spain
August 4th, 2010Utrera, Spain
August 5th, 2010Guadajoz, Spain
August 5th, 2010Lora del Rio, Spain
August 5th, 2010Los Rosales, Spain
August 5th, 2010Brenes, Spain
August 5th, 2010La Rinconada, Spain
August 6th, 2010Camas, Spain
August 6th, 2010Tomares, Spain
August 6th, 2010Bormujos, Spain
August 6th, 2010Gines, Spain
August 6th, 2010Castilleja de la Cuesta, Spain
August 6th, 2010San Juan de Aznalfarache, Spain
August 6th, 2010Mairena del Aljarafe, Spain
August 7th, 2010Arahal, Spain
August 7th, 2010Osuna, Spain
August 7th, 2010Bobadilla, Spain
August 8th, 2010Ronda, Spain
August 8th, 2010Jimena de la Frontera, Spain
August 9th, 2010Sn Roque, Spain
August 26th, 2010Istanbul, Turkey
August 28th, 2010Gebze, Turkey
August 28th, 2010Dilovasi, Turkey
August 28th, 2010Izmit, Turkey
August 29th, 2010Suadiye, Turkey
August 29th, 2010Derince, Turkey
August 29th, 2010Korfez, Turkey
August 29th, 2010Degirmendere, Turkey
August 29th, 2010Golcuk, Turkey
August 30th, 2010Ya lova, Turkey
August 30th, 2010Cinarcik, Turkey
August 31st, 2010Orhangazi, Turkey
August 31st, 2010Gemlik, Turkey
August 31st, 2010Bursa, Turkey
September 1st, 2010Kestel, Turkey
September 1st, 2010Inegol, Turkey
September 1st, 2010Eskisehir, Turkey
September 2nd, 2010Hamidiye, Turkey
September 2nd, 2010Emirdag, Turkey
September 3rd, 2010Bolvadin, Turkey
September 3rd, 2010Cay, Turkey
September 3rd, 2010Aksehir, Turkey
September 3rd, 2010Konya, Turkey
September 4th, 2010Sultanhani, Aksaray, Turkey
September 4th, 2010Aksaray, Turkey
September 5th, 2010Nevsehir, Turkey
September 5th, 2010Nar, Turkey
September 5th, 2010Uchisar, Turkey
September 5th, 2010Goreme, Turkey
September 6th, 2010Cavusin, Turkey
September 6th, 2010Avanos, Turkey
September 6th, 2010Urgup, Turkey
September 7th, 2010Ortanhisar, Turkey
September 7th, 2010Kaymakli, Turkey
September 7th, 2010Derinkuyu, Turkey
September 7th, 2010Nigde, Turkey
September 8th, 2010Bor, Turkey
September 8th, 2010Behceli, Turkey
September 8th, 2010Icel, Turkey
September 8th, 2010Tarsus, Turkey
September 9th, 2010Adana, Turkey
September 9th, 2010Osmaniye, Turkey
September 10th, 2010Bahce, Turkey
September 10th, 2010Gaziantep, Turkey
September 10th, 2010Nizip, Turkey
September 11th, 2010Birecik, Turkey
September 11th, 2010Sanliurfa, Turkey
September 11th, 2010Viransehir, Turkey
September 11th, 2010Mardin, Turkey
September 12th, 2010Nusaybin, Turkey
September 12th, 2010Cizre, Turkey
September 13th, 2010Silopi, Turkey
September 13th, 2010Zakho, Iraq
September 13th, 2010Duhok, Iraq
September 14th, 2010Erbil, Iraq
September 15th, 2010Koya, Iraq
September 15th, 2010Raniyah, Iraq
September 16th, 2010Chuakrna, Iraq
September 16th, 2010Hajiaba, Iraq
September 17th, 2010As Sulaymaniyah, Iraq
September 18th, 2010Arbat, Iraq
September 18th, 2010Halabja, Iraq
September 19th, 2010Dukan, Iraq
September 19th, 2010Khalakan, Iraq
September 21st, 2010Amadiya, Iraq
September 21st, 2010Bebate, Iraq
September 21st, 2010Blijenke, Iraq
September 22nd, 2010Sumayyil, Iraq
September 22nd, 2010Ibrahim Khalil, Iraq
September 22nd, 2010Sirnak, Turkey
September 23rd, 2010Hakkari, Turkey
September 23rd, 2010Yuksekova, Turkey
September 24th, 2010Bashkale, Turkey
September 24th, 2010Van, Turkey
September 25th, 2010Moradiye, Turkey
September 25th, 2010caldiran, Turkey
September 25th, 2010Dogubayazit, Turkey
September 26th, 2010Ganigurk, Turkey
September 26th, 2010Gungorem, Turkey
September 26th, 2010Ortulu, Turkey
September 26th, 2010Bardakli, Turkey
September 27th, 2010Diyadin, Turkey
September 27th, 2010Agri Eleskirt, Turkey
September 27th, 2010Hamur, Turkey
September 27th, 2010Patnos, Turkey
September 28th, 2010Ercis, Turkey
September 28th, 2010Adilcevas, Turkey
September 28th, 2010Ahhlat, Turkey
September 28th, 2010Tatvan, Turkey
September 29th, 2010Bitlis, Turkey
September 29th, 2010Siirt, Turkey
September 29th, 2010Kurtalan, Turkey
September 30th, 2010Batman, Turkey
September 30th, 2010Bismil, Turkey
September 30th, 2010Diyarbakir, Turkey
October 1st, 2010Siverek, Turkey
October 1st, 2010Kahta, Turkey
October 2nd, 2010Boglar, Turkey
October 2nd, 2010Ortanca Kahta, Turkey
October 2nd, 2010Eski Kahta Kalesi, Turkey
October 3rd, 2010Adiyaman, Turkey
October 3rd, 2010Besni, Turkey
October 3rd, 2010Golbashi, Turkey
October 3rd, 2010Malatya, Turkey
October 4th, 2010Akcadag, Turkey
October 4th, 2010Darende, Turkey
October 4th, 2010Gurun, Turkey
October 4th, 2010Kayseri, Turkey
October 5th, 2010Kirikkale, Turkey
October 6th, 2010Ankara, Turkey
December 6th, 2010Amerzgane, Morocco
December 6th, 2010Lamdent, Morocco
December 6th, 2010Tadoula Aitauya, Morocco
December 6th, 2010Tazgzayin, Morocco
December 6th, 2010Timdlin, Morocco
December 6th, 2010Imzgawan, Morocco
December 6th, 2010Ait Bumahind, Morocco
December 6th, 2010Mnsaharra, Morocco
December 7th, 2010Agdz, Morocco
December 7th, 2010Tarmast, Morocco
December 7th, 2010Zaouia Agdz, Morocco
December 7th, 2010Rbat Agdz, Morocco
December 7th, 2010Tilouine Agdz, Morocco
December 7th, 2010Tafergalt, Morocco
December 8th, 2010Temnugalt, Morocco
December 8th, 2010Ait Ali, Morocco
December 8th, 2010Telmzit, Morocco
December 8th, 2010Abbusas, Morocco
December 8th, 2010Taourirt Agdz, Morocco
December 8th, 2010Talat, Morocco
December 8th, 2010Ait El Q'aid Mir, Morocco
December 8th, 2010Tufila, Morocco
December 19th, 2010Bou Djeniba, Morocco
December 19th, 2010Souk Sebt Iba Rahou, Morocco
December 19th, 2010Moulay Bou Azza, Morocco
December 20th, 2010Ferral, Morocco
December 20th, 2010Souk El Hedd Aguelmous, Morocco
December 20th, 2010Aguelmous, Morocco
December 21st, 2010Oulmess, Morocco