Should I "ketchup" with new ways, or stick with the old?

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  I tend to feel as if I'm in an on going competition with who ever I go out to eat with.  No, not over the amount I eat or if I can spend the least amount of's wether I can get to the ketchup before anyone else.  Why??  I tend to find that in Argentina, the food establishments generally only provide two or three packets of ketchup to divide between several people.  I never even thought before about how much ketchup I consume.  I would have thought, yeah I'll be able to get by on one or two packets alone.  To the contrary, I am squeezing the end of the ketchup packets much like I squeeze the end of the toothpaste tube, savoring the last bit.  Once I started thinking about how much ketchup I use, I then thought about other ideas in portions that I found strange in they only give you one cup of coffee, while in the US they provide copious amounts always coming around to refill any empty cup.  Also, whereas I always drink a full bottle of the drink I get at Argentine restaurants, most Argentines share one bottle.

This revelation has caused me some amount of grief.  I do not know how I should feel about this.  Ashamed that I use much more of unneccesary condiments and drinks and my oh so typical attribute of people from the US of always wanting more, or proud of the fact that I come from a country where the restaurants continuously provide to make the customer happier and pleased with service? 

I feel like I can learn from both.  On the one hand, I need to learn to limit myself for several reasons:  1) It saves money while helping the environment 2) I seem more porteno in Argentina 3) It will help make a difference in my weight.  And on the other I need to learn to appreciate the service and the ideas that the US represents.  (I.E. always providing, making sure my service is fair, etc.)  By extracting both realizations I feel like I have bettered myself as a porteno and a gringo.

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