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Underwater picture of one of the sharks I was swimming above

After getting out of the sheep station nice and early we went down to Coral Bay where we spent the best part of the day, what a beautiful place (yes another one) loads of choices of what to do, quad bike tours, glass bottom boats and snorkling, I chose to go on a Manta Ray boat trip, it cost a bit more than the rest so only 4 of us went, but it was worth every penny and more....firstly the trip involved going looking for Manta Rays to swim with, this is done with the aid of a plane flying and looking from above, Manta Rays are up to 5 meters wide, huge huge creaturs, see the underwater photo's, the marine expert gets in first to make sure that they are not going to bolt, then kitted out in snorkle gear we have to get in the water and follow her, its hard to explain but hopefully the photo's will give you some idea, we did this for a couple of hours it really was amazing to do.

all 3 of the sharks that I was swimming above
  Then we went out to some Coral Reef, its the only area that there is any in Western Australia, here we were going to swim with Sharks, yes you heard me right, sharks.....once again we went out with a guide who took us to their cleaning ground where I swam above 3 sharks, not sure on there size as we were about 5 metres above them so hard to tell, pretty scary even though we had been told that the reef sharks are safe....on the way back we snorkled through the Coral and saw turtles swimming and untold amount of the most beautiful colourful fish, I have really never seen anything like it, next stop was some shallower reef for more snorkling, the skipper being a joker threw a load of fish food at my head as I got in, when I put my face in I realised what he had been doing I was surrounded by hundreds of fish, scared the living daylights out of me, see the photo's.
The Manta Ray that I swam with
....snorkled for a good hour and once again saw some beautiful reef and loads of amazing colourful sea creatures.  We were out on the boat for a good 5 hours and this was probably the highlight of my trip.  Once back on land had about an hour to chill before getting back on the coach for our trip up to Exmouth.  Another hostel and we were staying here for 2 nights, a few drinks and a barbie all cooked with our own fair hands and bed, guess what another early start tomorow.....

EstherC says:
Hi Tan, only something like pleurisy could give me the time to read through your travel log, and oh my god, I am so glad your doing exactly 'What it says on the tin'. I didn't realise how much we all missed you till I enviously saw how much fun you are having!! Maybe I'll wait for another 11 years and then WE can go again with Lol?Keep writing, I'm sure I'm not the only one whos really enjoying feeling like they're keeping in touch...oh and by the way. I don't miss the whole Spider thing!!
Posted on: Mar 21, 2006
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Underwater picture of one of the s…
Underwater picture of one of the …
all 3 of the sharks that I was swi…
all 3 of the sharks that I was sw…
The Manta Ray that I swam with
The Manta Ray that I swam with
Just thought this was a cool pictu…
Just thought this was a cool pict…
swimming with the fishes
swimming with the fishes
Turtle seen when snorkling
Turtle seen when snorkling
photo by: rollerblading