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Oh my lord I think I have just done the most extreme thing since I got here, I went caving and did a tour that was called the Black Abyss, wanted to do something actioned pack and this looked like the one to do.  It started off we had to put on extremely thick wet wet suits, with a jumper underneath, freezing cold booties and then some lovely white will have to forgive me but had no urge to take a photo, believe me it wasnt a pretty site.  So the day started freezing cold.  We had a short drive to the caves where we had a short lesson on activity number 1....abseil into the cave, which having done abseiling before didnt get what I was expecting, we had a 30m abseil navigating our way through the rocks where some of it was really narrow...made it one piece but pretty bloody scary.  Activity number 2.....attached to a flying fox wire, was sent off in the pitch black at high speed, was the first down so none of us had a clue what to expect, this was great, forget the black hole at Alton Towers, we got to see glow worms all over the cave.  Activity number water baring in mind, feet are still freezing cold, never to be warm again...anyway black water rafting involves a black rubber ring, then you jump down 3 metres and have to land your backside into the middle of the ring, painful but more importantly how bloody cold was that water!   we then paddled a v long way (well it seemed it!), then we were arranged into a human train and got to float down the river in the pitch black and saw the most fantastic display of glow worms, its like looking at the most fantastic clear sky with stars!  Activity number 4..... we got to wade and weave through the caves in water that was somehow above my head, so yes I got to swim a bit (and no it really wasnt warm).  Activity number 5.....crawl through the most tiny spaces still in the water and climb through the most tiny spaces and last but not least we had to climb out of the cave through waterfalls.  Now however cold I got this trip was fantastic, 5 1/2 hours of a completely new experience, what a way to end my trip in New Zealand.  Well this is my last day, I have sent my warm clothes home in a box, so no going outside for me tonight and I am flying to Fiji tomorow, so I have packed, re-packed and re-packed again, just trying to get it down to a manageable size......sorry no photo's, too wet and my hands were so cold I wouldnt have been able to work the camera anyway!
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Waitomo Caves
photo by: Ils1976