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Well its the Thursday before easter, so i think the whole of Sydney was going out, wasnt feeling so good so was going to have a quiet one, but one of the lads in the hostel pursuaded me that was a rubbish idea and that I should come out with him and his friends, so i did, and what a funny night, we must of gone to at least 8 bars all of them different and all a really good laugh, as the night went on the numbers dwindled, till there was 3 of us left so we decided to go back to Kings Cross which is where our hostel is, now just in case i havent mentioned this before, Kings Cross is the red light district of Sydney, real classy part of town! no really its not that bad, anyway one of the last bars we went to was called the Barron as you walk through the front door you have to order food (chips/garlic bread, not a full blown meal) once you have eaten and paid you are allowed upstairs, now I really didnt know what to expect, was half expecting some sort of club, but no it was like walking into an old English pub, all equipped with leather chesterfields all very bizarre especially for 5am.  Once we left here our options were limited as by now it was gone 6, now its almost mandatory that if you are staying in Kings Cross that you have to visit one of the many strip joints, so i pursuaded the two of them (it didnt actually take that much pursuading) so in we went to Bada Bings.....rough as houses, but done my 1 mandatory visit!  now this i am proud of i stayed up till 7.45 in the morning, i cant remember the last time i stayed up so late, there were people up having breakfast when i was going to bed.......i felt so good the next day!  but it was worth it, top night out!
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photo by: Sunflower300