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Howdy Partners,


So today went by smooth…. more or less at least. Right now it’s about 3:30 local time, and we’re actually in the great state of Texas, where everything is bigger. We’ve got a short overlay here in Dallas. When I say we, I mean me, Nathalie and Bianca. Because as of now Henk is still in Norfolk


I just got of the phone with him, and he told us that he flight was delayed, something we already knew when we left for Dallas. However, as of now he’s still in Norfok, wich kinda sucks because he missed his connecting flight from Dulles (washington D.C.) to San Diego. Where he’ll arrive about 3 hours after we get there, so in the end its not all that bad. Ohh.. before I forget Henk’s flying a diffferent route just because he’s got that many airmiles left, so when he’s sipping champagne, while getting a footrub and listing to Norah Jones live, in first class. The three of us are shacked up in a 3 by 3 foot shack. Just because “cargo flying is cheaper” ;).


So me, Bianca and Nathalie were discussing how Texas became one of the 50 of the United States of America. Was it bought from Mexico (unlikely, I thought, just because it doesn’t seem like the American thing to do…..) like some other areas in the South Western US. Or was Texas conquered in one of the many, many wars in the short history of the US? Brennan I’m counting on you for answer mate.


This is all I’ve got time for now, I’ll give y’all another update when I’m in the hotel room in sunny San Diego.




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photo by: chiyeh