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Hi everyone,

Well this is my first entry to the travel blog. Today is the day before we're leaving for the West Coast (wc), but it's also fatherday, great timing right.... Well I was gonna take Henk to a nice smoking room, and buy him a great cigar, but it doesn't look like thats going to happen, with all the stuff going on right now around here. I'm sure I'll get the chance somewhere on the WC.

So after some doubting, I decided to write this blog in English and not Dutch, just because I figured that just about everyone who reads Dutch, can also read English. So sorry for those of you who can't read this, but the apology itself, don't make no sense anyway. this is actually harder than I thought, writing about what we're doing, seems kinda lame, but I'll do it anyway. So the entire house is kinda stressed right, getting everything ready before leave. We still gotta drop of the dog and the kennel :(, pick the car from the garage, and ow yeah.... i still gotta wash all my clothes, before I go. Damn this is gonna be an exciting day.

So i'll get back to y'all later, and upload some pictures from the trip, the moment I start making them...

Adios Amigos,
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photo by: spocklogic