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our house in the middle of our street.

so the house we got was in glebe. it's a nice, relatively quiet area with a few good local bars, a large student population and about ten minutes on the bus to the middle of sydney's cbd. I moved in with paul (a mate from uni back in ireland), his brother mick and their cousin james. the house had four bedrooms, two bathrooms a kitchen and lounge area. it came fully furnished with beds, sheets, couches, washer, drier and all the usual kitchen stuff so all i had to buy was a wok and a decent chopping knife.

i took the smallest bedroom which was at the back of the house, facing north for the sunshine, which was a mistake because the unplastered brick walls turned out to be home to dozens of bed bugs left over from whatever lived in the room before.

angry little bugger.
at first i thought it was fleas so i let off a couple of insecticide bombs but they weren't very effective, eventually i found some stronger spray that i proceeded to douse the room in on a regular basis. it took a over a month and a few visits from the exterminator to get rid of them all but in the end the room was habitable. i may have done some lung damage from the amount of chemicals used but it was worth it not to be eaten alive every night. (i'm getting itchy just writing about the little bastards!)

anyway, the first couple of weeks in the house i spent exploring sydney and taking a few photo's with the digital camera i bought there. first ever non-disposable camera! visited sydney aquarium before i bought it so no photo's of that but got a few good shots at sydney wildlife world and of some of the major tourist attractions in the city.

the opera house and harbour bridge. good photo i think.

i also spent this time looking for work in the papers and on the net. eventually i found a job in landscape gardening through a recruitment company advert online. once i was all signed up they sent me for my first job labouring for an exhibition company in the sydney hilton hotel. we spent a few hours braking down some stall and packing all the stuff onto the trucks. i got finished around seven or eight and went back home via the bottle shop to go on the piss with the lads cos it was friday.

on the monday i started work with the landscape company on a site beside sydney olympic park which was a bitch to get to from home. was there for two weeks filling in for a guy who was on holiday before getting sent to one of the company's mobile crews in the city.

casowari from sydney wildlife world
i was supposed to work for a week with andy, the guy on the mobile gig, but it ended up being about a month. the work was pretty cruisy most days and we finished early as often as possible, regularly going for friday drinks and lunch at a bar near one of the sites. after that i was sent to work on the crew at sydney airport where i ended up staying till the end of december. didn't like the work all that much but the people were nice and the atmosphere was fun, if a little insane.

during the time in sydney i spent most weeks working for the weekend, we'd usually all go out on a friday or saturday night, sometimes both, and try to meet up with mimi (another friend from uni) and her twin sister claire.

december saw the arrival of ray, paul's cousin, who came to stay with us for the month and then do some travelling with us after new year. it also meant my first christmas away from home which we soent in bondi with mimi and her mates and had a great time including crashing a roof party across the street and an early morning trip to the beach while still drunk. new years eve was so crazy that i don't remeber much after leaving the house. i remeber the countdown on a crowded street near the bridge and then walking home and getting lost later that night.

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our house in the middle of our str…
our house in the middle of our st…
angry little bugger.
angry little bugger.
the opera house and harbour bridge…
the opera house and harbour bridg…
casowari from sydney wildlife world
casowari from sydney wildlife world
this dudes never played snake bef…
this dude's never played snake be…
crikey, its a goanna!
crikey, it's a goanna!
29 Ross St.
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