Hostelling: The First Two Weeks In Sydney.

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Spent my first two weeks in Sydney living in the hostel. the first week was spent getting set up with a phone (the cheapest vodafone i could find) and a bank account and doing a bit of sightseeing around the city. i didn't have a camera at that stage so i just had a look around mostly and tried to get myself familiar with the city.

at the end of the first week paul's brother michael arrived and ended up staying in the hostel across the street. we had a night out that weekend with their cousin james who was living with paul.

the second week was pretty stressful as i was trying to decide whether or not to stay in sydney with the lads or if i should get a car and go travelling. i was also feeling odd from being away from home. i don't normally get homesick but i'd never had to set up a new life before. i'd always just been away from home, now i was trying to make a new home. it was a bit tougher than i imagined it would be but i got through it.

we had a fire alarm the second week in the hostel which resulted in everyone outside in their pj's in the cold. once i realised it was a false alarm i hot the kitchen and got myself a beer since i was gonna be awake for a few hours anyway. ended up getting talking to the guys who had set it off by smoking indoors and we decided to head out for the night to that bastion of sydney drunkeness, scruffy murphy's. a few hours later after a typically shit night in scruffy's i came back home via the pizza shop and went to bed.

that week also had the fat snorer in my room. i've heard snoring before, cos my dad's a master, and apparently i've done my share from time to time but i've never heard anything like that guy before. first of all the guy was huge which probably played a part in restricting his airway but the real hard part to deal with was the melodies! if it was a constant sound i'd get used to it and get back to sleep but this dude was a bit of a musician. it's almost impossible to describe but it was almost like he was trying to sing through his snores, unfortunately none of the tunes were any good.

midway through that second week we got out and about looking at places for the four of us to move in together, ideally with a room each. i wanted to get somewhere near the beach at first but price and travel for work made it a bit of a non-runner. we only looked at two places in the end. the first was a total dive in bondi junction that just made me want to leave the city. the second was in glebe and it was way better but still nothing spectacular. we ended up taking that one and the next day i signed my first ever lease. we were due to move in on the 9th of september but i still had a couple of days paid for in the yha so i stayed there for the atmosphere cos the rest of the lads wouldn't be moving in till the weekend anyway. it also allowed me to move my stuff in stages rather than having to drag it all on the bus at once.

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