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Don't quote me on the dates for this one cos it's been three years now!! fuck i meant to write about that trip a long time ago...i suppose i didn't have a forum for it before so here goes. gonna put the basics down for now and hopefully and more detail over time.

touched down in beauvais airport after a shitty ryanair flight from dublin and took an early evening bus into the centre of paris where i met up with john who had landed earlier that day. walked down the champs elysees to mcD's to use some free food vouchers john had picked up. ate some cheap shit food and wandered to the metro to head down to the hostel. bit of a walk from the station, at night with a seriously over packed backpack in a not to safe feeling area of town but we made it safely and eventually got me all checked in and changed to get ready for the first night on the piss. my younger brother was in paris with one of his mates and after finally managing to conact him we realised that it would be too much hassle to go see them for drinks as they were right in the middle of the city and we couldn't be arsed getting back from there to our hostel in a strange city, at night and while pissed. instead we wandered over to the local grocery shop and picked up a cheap bottle of nasty wine. got it open and polished off on the walk back to the hostel. some dude tried to sell us some hash on the way but we refused cos we were outside a police station and supposed to be crossing the border into spain the next day. anyway back into the hostel bar already a bit lubed up on the wine and hit the bar for beers, got talking to some german girls and some french canadians before chatting to a few brazilian guys for a while. can't remember a lot from then on, probably due to booze but also it was a good while ago. anyway, ended up in bed making a diary entry before passing out.

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photo by: Sweetski