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July 15th – Bora Bora - Tahiti

We have an agitated night with cough and stuffy nose, but we survive. In the morning we feel better but the sky is cloudy and the wind is still strong.  Good breakfast with Nespresso but the clouds don’t melt away like yesterday.    Letizia stays on the patio, I swim around and make friends with the fishes by giving away my bread J.   At 11 am we check out – we had found that to stay longer we would have to pay 150 $ !!!!.  we leave our bags and rent an Italian car (Panda)for two hours – a great idea to spend the remaining time in the island.  Joined by our friends, we pay 55 $ per couple.

    Easy to drive around, we make a complete circle of Bora Bora.  We stop in nice spots and then in the main town, where we find expensive souvenir shops  (10 € for a magnet, 10 € for coconuts bra)   We buy three small wooden statues and a “hand-made” pareo.  We leave Jim and Meg at a Bloody Mary Restaurant (well known to them , not to us), give back the car and have a snack on the beach and a Nespresso.  The wind continues, and reminds us that in Italy there is a famous very strong northern wind call “Bora” – any connection?  Letizia takes a nap and wakes up without a cold any more.   We go to the resort’s shops and I am happy to find a nice good quality black T-shirt with island’s logos; Letizia follows me.
  Time to leave. The luggage service is perfect, and again no tips expected.   Our boat goes around the island that looks covered by clouds – we even gets few drops of rain.  We have learned that  June and July are windy, December rainy.   At the airport the nasty surprise:  Letizia suitcase (22 Kg) goes through, mine (25 Kg) does not.  They want 46 € extra.    Apparently the ma allowed is 40 Kg, and we have hand luggage for additional 7 kg.   We have to pay.  Many people with apparently heavier luggage go undisturbed :-(   We cannot believe, but THERE IS NO SECURITY (never seen this before) no X-ray, no metal detector….

The flight is on time (5 pm) and is the beginning of a neverending journey.   We reach Tahiti, hot humid and crowded.  We check in the next flight and leave at 23:30.  We eat and somehow sleep while sitting up (memories of flights on free first class come to mind). A sweet baby nearby cries continuously… We will reach Los Angeles in the morning.


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Bora Bora
photo by: SheLuvz2Fly