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KUCHING food & places to eat (ALWAYS make sure you have an anti-bac hand wash with you)

The Waterfront has little carts selling local Malay dishes at very affordable prices. Do try the teh tarik ("pulled" milk tea) and the BBQ stingray.


Chinese Food Centre (Lau Ya Keng Food Court), Jalan Carpenter (opposite temple). A simple food court that has been around for decades and is very popular with locals - breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can buy very decent Kolo mee and Sarawak Laksa here. But a lot of people come here for the fish-ball soup and famous pork satay that opens in the early afternoon A wide range of Chinese food stalls.

Benteng Satok, Satok. There are more than 30 stalls here and it's open until 4am. A wide variety of food are served here, mostly Malay food. Choose the stall wisely because many stalls tend to serve same type of food.

Jambatan Satok, Satok. This is the best place to try halal grilled chicken wings and grilled ikan sebelah. A total of 8 stalls make up the area with variety of Malay and Chinese food. Muslim visitors might not need to be afraid of their halal status because all of the stalls serve halal food.

Jalan Song and area (Jln Song Commercial Center) does have one of the best selections - DO NOT go during the day time (Its quite away from town centre, about 15 minutes by taxi and can set you back by RM12.00) Jalan Song is the place to go for dinner or supper, its got the widest choice of hawker food you can find in Kuching. The whole place just rocks after 6pm. There are something like 3 big foodcourts (with like about 100 stalls?) linked together on the sidewalk, and several other kopitiams and restaurants within walking distance. Take your time to survey first. Recommendation:- try the hot-plate-cooked sambal fish or sotong (served on banana leaves). Many shops around here.

Ban Hock Road - The row of shophouses behind Ban Hock Road is teeming with hawkers' fares, . Actually the place is more well known if you say Law Lee Café (Lee Coffee Shop), meaning in Chinese Old Lee's Cafe. Law Lee's Cafe is one of the best places to sample the best of what Kuching has to offer in term of variety, there are about 20 stalls selling all manners of food, you name it they have it. You have to ask around as the place is not facing the main road, but if you are walking from Harbour View Hotel, walk towards Hilton and turn right into Jalan Song Thian Cheok, - keep walking till you see the Malaysian Airline building on your left, you'll see an Indian temple ahead and the Grand Continental Hotel next to it in the distance, keep walking and turn left at the small lane besides EON Bank and keep walking another 200 metres, you should hit Law Lee's Cafe, end of the block.

Dalight Food Court is located between King’s Centre and Queen’s Court - just below the Simpang Tiga flyover. The food court is big. Taxi required.

Food Bazaar @ The Spring - Indian food, Indonesian food, Korean food, Japanese food, Muslim food, Chinese food, Western food and more.

Jolly Kitchen is located at the top floor of Hock Lee shopping centre. Wide choice.

Medan Pelita Food Court, Basement of Star car park complex, Temple St/Wayang St. Air conditioned food court with stalls selling the full spectrum of hawker favorites. Convenient location near Main Bazaar. UNDERGOING RENOVATION – due to reopen soon.

Open Air Market, (near Electra House) Jalan Market. Odd name, as the whole area is covered. A wide selection of Chinese and Malay food stalls. Some very reasonably priced seafood and noodle stalls operate late into the evening. Their most popular stall is the one serving Beef Noodles and 'Sio Bi' (pork dumplings). Also popular is the fresh porridge and seafood stalls. But beware, this area is not the cleanest of places so order your food from only the most popular stalls.

Petanak Central Market, Jalan Petanak, above the central wet market. Head here early in the morning to soak up the previous night's liquid refreshment. Light snacks, full seafood indulgences, it's all here. While the night-owls tuck in and attempt to stay awake, the market comes alive and a new day begins. Good atmosphere, best at 4 am. Take a taxi - at that time you'll need to!

Sarawak Plaza Food Court (next to Holiday Inn). Good selection of Malay, Chinese, Japanese and Western food stalls in the basement of this busy shopping centre. 10 am to 10 pm.

Satok Bridge, on river front below Satok bridge (any Petrajaya bus or take a taxi). Excellent barbecued chicken and seafood.

Satok Road, left side of road heading out of town. Lots of Malay food stalls - busiest during the Weekend Market. Evenings only.

Saujana Food Centre (5th floor of the car park near the Mosque). Take the lift to reach the food centre. Mostly Malay cooking with some stalls selling seafood.

Song Kheng Hai Food Court Jalan Padungan, Kuching. Open 7am - 6pm

The Big Onion, Taman Sri Sarawak. This is quite a new place WiFi ready, comes with chinese food, malay style food and not to forget western cuisine. You will be suprised to when you compare the prices in the menu with the environment. It is just located behind the shoplots opposite Hilton. No pork is served.

Top Spot Food Court, Jalan Bukit Mata Kuching. A wide range of food stalls set in landscaped surroundings on the breezy top floor of a car park. Choices include Malay curries, Malay and Chinese seafood, claypot dishes, satay and even steaks. Very popular. Always ask to see a menu with prices - some stalls have been known to 'accidentally over-charge' tourists.

After eating at the foodcourt, u can actually enjoy a drink at the Tapanga, a nice pub/music cafe on the 3rd/4th floor below the food court.

Tun Jugah Food Court a.k.a. Food Gallery is also worth a visit. Food court in a small shopping complex in golden triangle. Packed during lunch hour. Good choices & nice environment. Go to top floor. Go up the escalator and turn to your left and u will see the food court. Good choice of food including a selection of Chinese and Malay hawker-stall favorites.


Coffee-shops with their attendant food-stalls are dotted all over town. Some of the most interesting and traditional ones are found around Jalan Carpenter, Main Bazaar and Padungan Road, The coffee shops on Lebuh Temple are conveniently located near the budget hotels on Jalan Green Hill, and serve a wide selection of dishes, including good roasted chicken rice (Green Hill Cafe). At lunchtimes, many coffee shops serve economy rice, mixed rice, fast food or nasi campur. These are four different names for the same dish - a plate of rice with portions of meat, fish, curry and vegetables selected from the delicacies on display. Cheap (RM 3-5), delicious and very filling.

Bismillah Cafe, Satok & 7th Mile. If you love Indian and Mamak food, try this one. They serve good Nasi Beriyani, roti canai and teh tarik.

Bishopsgate Coffeeshop, Carpenter Street. Famous for what may be decades already, the Vinegar 'Kolo Mee' and Pork 'Spare-part' soup is what people line up for everyday. Also famous is the man who runs the stall - he is a colorful character who takes your order like a drill sergeant. It opens for breakfast and lunch, but to avoid the crowds, its best to go around 'Brunch' time. When you get a seat, expect to wait awhile for your food. And while you wait, try their excellent 'Teh-C Peng Special' (Strong iced milk-tea with a dark sweet syrup)

Ceria Cafe, Satok. This shop served best halal Sarawak Laksa in the city. If you demand for omelette strips in your laksa, ask for special which is a mere RM1 addition to the regular price. You can try their Mee Jawa and 'kopi keras' too.

Choon Hui Cafe, Jalan Ban Hock.

This legendary establishment has been feeding hungry Kuchingnites for many years.

Located close to town, right next to Grand Continental Hotel, Choon Hui is as authentic as it can get to a old-fashioned Kuching Chinese-style coffee shop. It is open during breakfast hours only, starting business very early in the morning and finishes around 11am…. for toast, popiah and laksa.

Green Hill Corner: Traditional coffee shop with a very good selection of foods. One of my favorites in Kuching – located in the same block as Harbour View Hotel.

Hock King Cafeteria Jalan Ban Hock.

Mr. Hock and the staff serve up very basic, but quite generous meals though out the day. Mr. Hock is one of the better hosts in Kuching and is fluent in multiple languages and will do almost anything to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Many local celebrities, such as Australian volleyball and underwear model Ryan Jon Dunn stop by for lunch regularly as Hock King is well connected in the local sporting & entertainment scenes.

Hong Kong Noodle House, Jln Pandungan, (opposite Bing! Cafe). Standard HK fare like roast duck on rice or noodles. They also serve local Chinese dishes and are open for lunch and dinner. Good choice if you have kids with you.

Kwok Sin Café is great for fried chicken (relocating to John’s Place on Jan 21 2009).

Located at 10 Green Hill Road – round the back of the Harbour View Hotel.

Singapore Chicken Rice (SCR), branch at Padungan, Satok and Kota Samarahan. They serve excellent chicken rice comparable to other established chicken rice shop (including food chain of The Chicken Rice Shop). Other side dishes are baby kailan in oyster sauce and bean sprouts. Open 10am - 9pm

Wilson Chicken Rice, Ban Hock Road near the Grand Continental Hotel


Bla Bla Bla, Wayang Street (a few shops down from The Junk), tel. 082-233944. A Chinese restaurant which is opened by the same restaurateurs as The Junk. It quickly became an institution for fine Chinese cuisine in Kuching shortly after it opened in 2005. The interior is designed with a Balinese theme and some of the dishes they are famous for are the Ostrich-rolls, Soft-shell Crabs, and Drunken Duck. Bookings are advisable. Good place for late night drinks.

Cafe Harapan, Harbour View Hotel. As well as the usual hotel coffee shop favorites, Cafe Harapan serves an interesting selection of Foochow-style noodle dishes originating from Fuzhou in Southern China.

Fook Hoi in Jalan Padungan is an old-fashioned coffee shop, famous for its Sio Bee and Ha Kau (pork dumplings). Daytime only.

Food & Tea @ The Spring Shopping Mall - serve Hong Kong style food at very good prices.

Jong Siang Teng, 68 Carpenter St. Serves Hokkien -style pork leg rice and chicken rice. Daytime only.

Juat Siang Cafe, 34 Carpenter St. Good beef noodle soup. Daytime only.

King Top Cafe, Taman Sri Sarawak. Noodles, grills, satay, barbecued chicken and fish served until early morning. Also delivers to surrounding pubs.

Li Garden Chinese Restaurant, Jln. Abang Abdul Rahim (inside Hock Lee Centre, 1st Floor), tel. 082-340785. A popular Chinese restaurant that serves the best Peking Duck in Kuching. Also, other high-quality Cantonese dishes served for lunch and dinner. Booking essential in the evening. Take a taxi.

Life Cafe, 108 Ewe Hai Street, Tel: 411754.11 am-l0pm (closed Tuesdays). Chinese tea house serving inexpensive food (RM 4-6) plus wide range of coffees and teas. Good place to stop whilst exploring Old Kuching.

Life Kopi Tiam, 8 Leboh Temple. Busy air-con coffee shop serving a variety of tasty claypot dishes, noodles and fried rice. Mornings to early evenings.

Meisan in the Holiday Inn is an old Kuching favorite, offering high quality Halal-certified Szechuan cuisine.

Min Joo, corner of Carpenter & Bishopsgate St. Small but very popular coffee shop selling Chinese noodle dishes. At breakfast time the place is packed.

Ming Heng Cafe, 6 Carpenter St (Next to Wah Tat Bank). This old-style Chinese coffee shop is another popular breakfast hang out. A choice of laksa, chicken satay and kolo mee.

Ting Noodle House, 117B, Lot 132 Ban Hock Road. This lunchtime favorite serves spicy Taiwanese beef noodles, dumplings and a range of noodle and rice dishes. 8 am - 8.30 pm. 8 am - 2 pm on Sun.

Taiwan Beef Noodle and Mutton Noodle in Carpenter Street

Toh Yuen in the Hilton serves Cantonese Dim Sum at lunchtimes and gourmet Szechuan cuisine in the evenings.

Isui Hua Lau, Lot 321-324 Jalan Ban Hock. Tel: 414560. Serves dim Sum breakfast in the morning, and Shanghinese and Cantonese cuisine for lunch and dinner. Booking advised at weekends

Tsui Hua Lau Jalan Ban Hock, Kuching. 082-414560

Golden Phoenix Restaurant Jalan Ban Hock, Kuching. 082-415588

Hock Hong Garden Jalan Ban Hock, Kuching.

Hai Pa Wang No.286, Yun Phing Building, Jalan Padungan 082-255126

Zhi Wei is located on Ban Hock Road. It’s at the same row of Mita Cake House


My Kampong Dot Com Cafe No. 12, Medan Pelita, Wayang Street, Kuching.

082-252686 Mykampongdotcom@Hotmau.Corn Open 9:30am - 2:30am

Kluang Station @ The Spring. Just next to Starbucks. They serve local cuisine and get basic Kopitiam food.

Lok-Lok. (banana leaf/Malay food) Situated at the same row as San Francisco Grill or Michelle Bridal at Ban Hock Road. It’s only open at night.

Moly’s Place is located behind Habour View Hotel. They serve Malay food. You can get fast food there or you can also order from the menu.

Saujana Food Court (Top Fir. Saujana Car Park Complex) Jalan Masjid.

Open 7am - 5pm

Madinah, Jubilee & Malaya Restaurant India Street Pedistrian Mall, Kuching.

Open 7am - 5pm

Khatulistiwa Restaurant Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuching.

Open 24 hours. (next to Holiday Inn). This distinctive circular hut modeled on a Bidayuh skull house is popular with tourists, and with reason. There's a nice, breezy open-air restaurant downstairs, serving up local and Western favorites (Very good burgers) including a decent Sarawak laksa and open 24 hours to boot. At night, the hut's upper floors open up as a bar and club, with DJs spinning the night away, though you can also take your meal up there in the evenings.

SEAFOOD: In Kuching, sea food is a MUST!!

- Bukit Mata (above the car park, an impressive food court)

- there are many stores - choose Ling Long

Must order - Mud crabs

- Bidin (local vege - and simply the best!! the first time my wife tasted it, she fell in love with it and fell in deeper love with me. ; )

- Fish (terubok) steamed. Watch out for the tiny bones.

- Buntal Village (seafood restaurants built on stilts facing the South China Sea) cheap and nice but 45 mins drive from Kuching, near Damai Resort

Top Spot Food Court Jalan Bukit Mata Kuching, Open 6pm - 10pm

Benson Seafood 12 Jalan Abell Rahman, tel. 082-255262. A riverside restaurant that specializes in fresh seafood Chinese style. It is well-established and don't be surprised to see them catering to groups of tourists. Open 10am - 10pm

Thian Court Seafood Crown Square, Jalan Pending, Kuching. 082-344497 / 8

Rock Road Seafood Jalan Rock, Kuching. 082-241575

Kuching Food Centre Jalan Chan Chin Ann, Kuching.

Sea Good Food Centre, Off Ban Hock Road (opposite Hua Kuok Inn), tel. 082-251397. A very casual and laid-back restaurant that serves excellent and very fresh seafood. It is very popular with the locals and doesn't take reservations. Therefore it is best to get there early in the evenings to secure a table and minimize the waiting time.

Hong Kong Restaurant Ban Hock Road, Kuching.

Ah Ka Su Seafood 17, Green Hill Road, Kuching. Open 7am - 6pm

Pure Fish Ball Cafe 214 Jalan Padungan, Kuching. 082-235816 / 013-8229744

Open 10am - 10pm


Serapi Restaurant (Holiday Inn Kuching) 082-423111

Bukhari Cafe Jalan Satok, 93400 Kuching (Sunday Market) Open 7am - 5pm

Bollywood Café (Now changed it’s name) 66 Carpenter Street, Kuching. 019-4386232 / 019-8170005 Open 8am - 6pm. Has a GREAT selection of Roti dishes.

Briyani Cafe 16, Main Bazaar, Kuching. Open 7am - 8pm

Ammah Curry House Jin Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Kuching.

(behind Impiana Hotel)

Lyn's Tandoory Lorong 4, Nanas Road, Kuching. 082-234934

Ll Banana Leaf Lrg Rubber 1, Rubber Road, Kuching.

Tel: 082-239404 Open 7:30am - 9pm

Prata A Such Medan Melor, Jalan Kulas, (behind Pizza Junction)

016-8957111 / 019-4399894 Open 8am - 5pm

Sahabat Cafe Sect 10, Lorong 7, Salan Satok, Kuching.


Azreen Cafe Lorong Satok 12, Jalan Satok, 93400 Kuching.

Sri Shan Curry & Such Lot 383, Pesiaran Ban Hock Road.

082-244118 / 012-8893008 Open 7am-10pm (Tue-Sat) 7am-3pm (Mon-Sun)


Hornbill Corner 85 Ban Hock Road, Kuching. 082-252670

Open 5pm - 12:30am. Outdoor steamboat style. You go and pick your marinated meats and seafood from a buffet line and cook them in the center of your table. The table is equipped with a gas burner in the center with a cast iron plate on it. In the center of the plate is a bowl where you can also make soup. All you can eat food for RM15 per person. Gets VERY busy on weekends and is a great place to watch people

Garden Steamboat Jalan Nanas, Kuching. 082-257777

Open 5pm - 12am

Steamboat @ RH Plaza – There are several steamboat shops here including Yuan Wei BBQ Steamboat, Swan Teem Steamboat and Chong Qing Steamboat


Zhu San Yen Vegetarian Lot 165 Jalan Chan Chin Ann

082-230068 Open 8am - 2:30pm, 5pm - 9pm

Life Café 108 Ewe Hai Street (Carpenter Street) 082-411754 Open 11am - 10pm

Moments 106 Ewe Hai Street (Carpenter Street)


The Steakhouse, Hilton Hotel Kuching Rm50 for a steak? Call in to book Guess what – New Years eve dinner – set menue – with NO STEAK! Very sad.

Hartz Chicken Buffet, Satok & Sarawak Plaza. This buffet restaurant is a franchise to All-American Chicken Buffet of Texas, USA. You can eat as much as you want for as low as RM16.90 per person! Good VFM

Ban Hock Restaurant & Bar No.2 Ban Hock Road, Kuching. 082-245684

Open Lunch & dinner till 10pm

De'grill Bistro B Fun Café Lot 291, Section 48, Sarawak Plaza Shopping Complex,

Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuching. Open 11:30am - 12am

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Sarawak Plaza, Jalan T.A.R., Kuching. 082-412189

Open 10am - 12am

Ristorante Beccari, Jln. Tun Abang Haji (inside Merdeka Palace Hotel), tel. 082-270808. This is Kuching's best and most authentic Italian restaurant. The wood-fired pizzas are excellent.

Soho 64, Jalan Padungan, Kuching. Open 4pm - 1am. Good late night bar – very popular with Kuching’s young folks.

The San Francisco Grill 7B Jalan Ban Hock, Kuching. 082-258050

Open 6pm - 11pm

The Junk No 80 Wayang Street, Kuching. (Opposite St. Mary primary school)

a: 082-259450 Open 6pm - 1am. (opposite Fata Hotel), tel. 082-259450. A great restaurant within walking distance from the waterfront that serves Western/Italian fare. It is very popular with both locals and expats alike for its imaginative deco that resembles a mix of Colonial Chinese with lots of antiques adorning the place. The portions are huge and the Lamb Shanks and Fisherman's Basket seem to be the most popular. Bookings are advisable if you have a large group.

Tom's No. 82, Padungan Road, Kuching. 082-247672 Open 11:30am - 11pm (Tue-Sun)

Italiano's Pizza & Pasta Jalan Abell, Kuching. 082-411886

Open 11:30am - 2:30pm / 5:30 - 10:30pm

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