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This is one crazy looking airport
You would so be laughing at me.. don't know why i always get caught in these situations when i travel...

I arrived at Abu Dhabi after sitting next to a guy on the plane who spent the entire journey hocking up greeners, spitting them into his hand, looking at them, then eating them again... I am NOT kidding, it was rancid... however loudly i turned up my ipod it was a tone that just cannot be cut out of ones hearing URGH...

Arrived in A.D. at midnight, the guy (Alan) i'm working with had claimed to have arranged a driver to take me to the hotel...so out i skip from baggage collection looking for a handsome Arabian to whisk me away.. but alas, no there was noone, absolutely noone waiting for me.
.. :(
So, my usual solution took precident, go outside for a cigarette, breath deeply & figure out what the hell to do next... walk out the doors & woosh.. my god its ROASTING (35 degress) & its midnight.. I don't even want to think what tomorrow is going to be like..
So, i call the guy that i'm working with (Alan), no answer... leave it a while.. call him again.. no answer... its 1am now.. pretty much noone left in the airport other than the cleaners... erm... mmmmm... right.. what now?!?!
Phone rings.. WOO HOO, very broken line but its the guy, hes going to call the hotel & find out whats happening (incidently I didn't even know the name of the hotel I was staying at..). 5 mins later, two Arabian gentlemen come over 'Miss Candi?' .
The beach club I was working at
. erm.. 'yes?' ....'we have car for you' so i get shoved in the back of a car, bag chucked in the boot and off we go at no less than 120mph.. AGHHH, ok, thank goodness no other cars are on the road.. 10 mins later my phone rings.. its Alan, 'erm, where are you? The hotel car is waiting for you outside airport gate 6?'..'What do you mean?... I'm in a car?'....'No, the car is waiting for you, I've got the driver on the other line..'... 'WHAT? Who the hell am I in a car with then & where are we going?' All I can see is blurred road signs as we are driving so damn quickly.. I think I just made out Dubai (60kms).. Mmmm pretty sure we are supposed to be travelling towards Abu Dhabi NOT Dubai.. Shite.. Whats the name of the hotel I need to be heading for?!??!?!

Much broken English and sign language later.
A couple of the boats we played with
. we are turned around and heading in the right direction... my driver is from Jordan, he has 7 children, the oldest is an accountant, she works in a bank in Abu Dhabi, the next 3 are at university in Jordan (very expensive apparently), studying sport, medicine & english, the last 3 are still at school.. in Jordan... (Good aren't I... and I'm not lying about the above.. I spent most of the journey shit scared & as a result, kept asking questions & acting friendly so if he was planning on dropping me off in the middle of the desert to die of heat exhaustion, then maybe he would think I was nice enough to leave a bottle of water too..)....
Last & unforgettable question from Driver... 'Are you married?'.... 'No'... 'Why not? Whats wrong with you?' All my children over 18 are married.... you very old... you should be married...'
CONVERSATION ENDS...! the rest of the drive is in silence,... turn up to hotel, have debate with reception about who is paying for taxi as hotel was supposed to send one and i'm not organised enough to have changed any money... find room.. pass out...
Wake up.. its 57 degrees... I'm currently hiding in hotel air-con.. went outside for 5mins.. nearly melted away like ice-cream.. god i'm english!! Gotta do some work now..
die2dive says:
soo funny
Posted on: Sep 18, 2007
architeqt says:
that is so funny! i do EXACTLY the same thing upon arrival in any airport i'm not familiar with! i head straight outside, pass any and all touts and taxi drivers, find a good spot, breathe, light up a cig, and get my bearings!!! once i've got the situation analyzed enough to know where i'm goin and what i'm doing, i press 'play' and continue... ;)
Posted on: Jun 16, 2007
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This is one crazy looking airport
This is one crazy looking airport
The beach club I was working at
The beach club I was working at
A couple of the boats we played wi…
A couple of the boats we played w…
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