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Another week of power outs: usually 4-6 hours, but one lasted almost 24. During the day it's not much of a bother, but evenings are such a pain, especially since that's when I usually bake (so I've been going to bed early and baking early morning, but then the boys get up earlier, and it's just not so good). And different parts of the island are out during different times: so when Coxen Hole is out, we have no cable, and when we're out, we have no electricity for the TV, so we haven't had very much TV lately, not that it matters all that much (and the last couple times that it's been on at the time I need it, there's been basketball instead of Survivor!)  Apparently all the generators that power the island need replacing, so they can't produce enough energy to have the whole island running at the same time. But business has been pretty good: other than my regular west end sales, I've had a few orders (a carrot cake for a restaurant, and two other small carrot cakes for customers who had bought my individual pieces) and I've also started leaving some stuff at the grocery store in Coxen Hole, although that's a bit trickier to get an idea of how much will sell.

Some sad news: we're back to one dog again. Ducky was out for a walk with us, and some guy said 'hey, that's my dog!', and said he'd been looking for her for 3 months, so I'm sure that he was her original owner, but we'd grown quite attached, and she wasn't very happy to be dragged away (neither was Deo, who was bawling: I felt so bad!). Goose seems to be doing okay by his loss of a buddy:although not quite so ferocious when he doesn't have competition!

The boys are happy and healthy, and full of a lot, lot, lot of energy that never seems to stop :)

Easter is just around the corner: that week is a very big holiday here, so there'll be a lot of people on the island!

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photo by: islandflavour