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Major electricity problems onthe island at the moment, no one has an answer why (though apparently the electric company is in enormous debt). It's been off all day today, all day yesterday (was on last night, but the night before, it just came on for a few hours in the early morning, and then went back off again). As the water gets to the house by pump, this means no water as well, though fortunately we have a outdoor tap before the water goes into the storage tank and gets pumped up, so at least I can use the water from that. The weather is just pleasantly warm, so it's not a big problem with no fans, but I try not to open the fridge/freezer very often. Most of the resorts (including mom and dad's) have generators, but none of the small businesses do, so it's very tough on everyone. Fortunately we have a gas oven (as does pretty much everyone), so we can still cook.

The apartment would probably have been all done now, but they can't work on it without power for their tools, so it's still lacking a few finishing things like the door trims, hooking up the toilet etc.

Deo's at another sleepover with grandma and grandpa, Auri and I will go to pick him up tomorrow (I'll probably send this then, as I can't go to any place to send it when there's no power).

I had a good birthday, mom and dad came down this way, and we went out for dinner and drinks.

Well, I'll keep it short, as the computer's on battery, and I don't have a way to recharge if it runs out.

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photo by: islandflavour