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We've kicked off our baking this week: every night after the boys are in bed, I spend a couple hours making muffins, banana bread, and sometimes cinnamon rolls, and then in the morning we go down and sell in West End, to people in the dive shops or along the road. I'm getting a feel for how much I can sell, and I'll start to see if I can get a few places to take orders, or at least take a selection on consignment, so that I don't have to be walking around selling with the boys. Some days are slower than others, but usually I do pretty well: bake about 2 dozen muffins, and 3 loaves of banana bread, cut into about 6 big slices and wrapped for individual sale, and sell them for 20 lemps (about $1 US each). Auri goes on my back in the backpack, and Deo's in the stroller holding the container of goodies, we try to sell for 45 min- 1hr, and then we go to the beach for the rest of the morning, so it's a nice little routine.

I also met my new neighbours across the road, where Brandi and Juergan used to caretake. It's a couple: he's from Holland, she's from the mainland, with a 6 yr old boy, 2 1/2 yr old boy, and a baby due any day. They just moved from Holland, and they've rented out the house there. They're really nice, we had them over for dinner last night.

This afternoon I have a spanish girl from the church coming over to help out with the boys: hopefully I'll get her in a few 1/2 days a week, to teach them spanish, and help out a little around the house. Once they get used to her, I can leave them at home now and then if I have to go to the bank, for groceries etc. And get a little time to myself, since now my evenings are filled with baking!

We've just had one little girl to the playgroup, her parents have a hotel in West End. Hopefully we'll slowly build up on that one: I'm just offering it two afternoons a week, so I have enough time to get other stuff done, and even if just one child comes, it doesn't matter, just gives me some time of playing with the boys.

Did I mention we now have a 2nd dog? she wandered into the yard, and wouldn't be run out, Goose let her eat from his bowl, so we decided to let her stay. She's a med-size dog, black and white, very friendly and affectionate (a little too much for my liking, she won't leave you alone if you're out by her!), and she's a great guard too. Plus she stays put in the yard, so we don't have to keep her tied all the time, like we do Goose, just if we have people over, or if we're heading out (otherwise she tries to follow us). So we've named her Ducky. They both drive me a little nuts, they're constantly getting their ropes tangled, and they always want attention, but they're good guards, so I'm happy to have them: no one comes into our yard unannounced!

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