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Christmas cookies

The current setback at the moment is there's no water. We're hooked up to community water (every community has their own system, and then people with money just get their own well dug), which has always been sporatic, so we have a pretty large holding tank (probably about 6ft tall and 6ft in diameter?). Anyway, we've had no community water topping up the tank in a couple weeks, and our tank ran dry a few days ago. Apparently the community pump is broken, and can't be fixed, replacing it will be a lot of $$, which they don't have, so I'm not sure when we'll get our water back. At the moment, we're showering and doing laundry at a friend's who lives a 5min cabride up the road, and bringing back a big jug of water for dishes/toilet, so we're roughing it a bit.

The baking boys
I need to get some gutters put up to collect rainwater, that would help! I'll probably end up paying to get my cistern filled by someone.

Our other setback was that 2 days before I got back, someone broke in again (they took the time to screw off the security bars because they knew no-one was staying here, stole a double mattress and the gas tank for the oven: tank's been replaced, but mattress isn't in the budget just yet, the guy I had looking after things for me lent me a bed for my friend that was here). So I need to get the screws of the security bars soldered so that they can't get them out: some have been done already, but not all of them. And I've got Zeus (the dog), so that definitely helps. I'm also getting an apartment built under the house, that way even when I'm up in Canada, if the house isn't rented, I can have someone staying in the apartment, and when I am here, it can be for visitors, and to make a little income too, as long as I get some water back! It's being made of cement, and the workers are bringing in their own water every day (no cement mixers here, they do everything by hand).

cookie decorating with Deo's friend Kira

The water issue is a big downer, but other than that, life is good. Deo's been missing Canada a bit (especially at first, when we had all that rain and weren't getting around much), but the boys just love playing in the sea! I haven't found a helper yet (I want to get a spanish girl in a couple half days a week to help out with the boys so I can get a bit of time away, and so they can work on their spanish), but Friday night, my friend Julie's husband watched her kids and mine, and we went out with Carley and Ang for a girl's night out. It was so fun! We went dancing at Fosters (it's built out over the water): haven't been out dancing in years!

Auri's birthday is next Thurs, we're going to have a pool party over at Ang's. Picked up the pinata already (in no way like the pinatas in Canada: this is a Nemo fish, and it's about as big as he is!).

We've put up our Christmas tree (i didn't remember it being so big, I think it's about 7 ft tall, it takes over a big chunk of our living room!), and I think we might do some Christmas baking when we get together with Julie and her family on Saturday (we do a weekly get-together and dinner). I haven't found any food colouring yet, so hopefully they'll have it at the grocery store that's farther away in french Harbour: we might get a lift up there today with Ang. Another storm front has come in, so we had a lot of rain during the night and this morning: a very good thing, the rain has put some water in our holding tank.

So next visitor down is Glen, who will arrive on the 18th and be here for 2 weeks, and then my parents will be heading down the last couple weeks of January.

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Christmas cookies
Christmas cookies
The baking boys
The baking boys
cookie decorating with Deos frien…
cookie decorating with Deo's frie…
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