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On the way to Miyajima

I really am not able to say much about Miyajima simply because this part of the trip Andrea and I did a crappy job of planning. We spent way too much time in Hiroshima and at the same time not enough time there. Because we were at Hiroshima longer than planned we were unable to spend more than a half hour at Miyajima.


Miyajima is one of the most famous sights in Japan. It is an island that has a famous Toriii (shrine) built in the sea. Andrea and I were able to see that and only that. I found the Torii to be beautiful; we were there while the water was surrounding it and the sun was setting in the background. It was a breathtaking sight.

This was one of the funniest things I saw on the trip.
I am going back to Miyajima to climb out the mountain, see the monkeys, and the other places on the island.


I must mention the deer. I am from Wisconsin…deer are not cute; they are yummy. Somewhere in history Japan got this fact messed up and it is a big deal to see the deer because they are ‘cute’. Therefore, while traveling around Miyajima there were deer everywhere and I mean everywhere. The deer were tame; they would walk right up to the tourists and people would take pictures of the deer. There was a sign posted that stated “Stay away from deer with antlers.” I took a picture of that after I stopped laughing. I still laugh when I see that picture.


Speaking of pictures I made Andrea stand next to a deer so she could have her picture taken with it. I have never seen such a look of fear before. She would not get close to the deer because it was making noises. I told her the deer would not eat her it would just gnaw on her because their teeth are flat and not pointed. For some reason that did not get rid of her fear. The rest of the Miyajima trip was spent talking about the deer eating Andrea.


I still do not find myself thinking that the deer are cute; as a matter of fact when I see the ‘cute’ deer here in Japan I find myself getting homesick and missing meat…venison…yummy.

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On the way to Miyajima
On the way to Miyajima
This was one of the funniest thing…
This was one of the funniest thin…
When people in Japan see a deer th…
When people in Japan see a deer t…
Some deer in Miyajima
Some deer in Miyajima
Andrea was scared of this little b…
Andrea was scared of this little …
Andrea and I at the Torii
Andrea and I at the Torii
photo by: liekevo