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    One of the many popular places to vist in Europe (by many americans) is Swangau. Home of the real Cinderella castle. Envied by the world for it's breath taking beauty and it's amazing vistas seen from the castle. This castle being Neuschwanstein and Hochschwangau. Situated between to major lakes seated on the north side of the Bavarian Alps. This summer get away castle Neuschwanstein remains unfinshed as King Ludwig's early demise for his extravagant expenditures on massive castles across the Bavarian state. This flaggarant behaviour was looked down by the bavarian leadership, who dispatached their King by indicating his flanboyant behaviour to be unacceptable for it's time.

    In any case, take the time to take a long tour starting with King Ludwig's birth castle (Hochschwangau) During the tour you will see huge collections of bronze statues, Gold on ivory laid crafts that will never be equally or parralled in this day in age.  As you take a gander bask in the amazing views overlooking the Bavarian alps, and close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine what it's like to live like a king.
    Once you finished the tour of hochschwangau, take a foot climb towards Neuschwanstein (you can take a horse carriage up there, but why when you see more on foot). Before you approach the castle take a short spin off and head to the Marienbrucke over looking the valley and the side view of Neuschwanstein. This bridge is not for the feint of heart, it's sheer height will easily give the willies to anyone with a fear of heights.
  One you are done there, take the rest of the gander towards the castle.
    King Ludwig (bavaria's most beloved king) decided to build his summer home in massive proportions across from his birth home.  It's majestic size and detail dwarfs his birth castle by a million. Inside the castle hundreds of frescoes recanting fairy tales in pictographic style, covers the massive walls. Hugely adorned in gold and massive wood. The detail simply breath taking, save some breath for when you see the throne room, it's nothing unlike anything in this world. Unfortunately it lays unfinished, it would have been a sight to see for the day in age.
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photo by: Petitsing