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    Now I know most people aren't too fond of risking their lives for reckless fun. However, if you are seeking the ultimate rush, peaceful travel unlike any other. Skydiving may be worth your time and money. My first jump was in Foehren Germany located outside of Trier. On this particular day after loosing out on the chance to jump the day prior, the weather cleared up enough to make a successful jump
    i was pretty much scared beyond any possible relieve. Seeing the clouds thickening up that day, my heart sank two inches lower seeing another cancelletion at hand. However, some hard core jumpers, gave me the thumbs up and informed me that we would jump nontheless. On take off the pilot checked to see that he had batteries for his handheld GPS.
After a few wise words being quote by myself and threated to be dumped off so that the other diver could take my car for a quick tour down the runway. We were off to climb up to 11,000 ft. However once we arrived at level (what seemed like an eternity) we took a a lightly heigher aproach since we were in cloud to 13,000ft.  Once we leveled out, the door came to a suckering cold opening, the rush suddenly grew beyond excitement to suddenly askimg myself, why am I here at 13,000ft looking at a nice soft cloud, is it not too late to turn back? But the question was answered as the Jump Master took a step forward and the feeling of falling became an illussion of the mind, i was suddenly floating down to the ground, no feeling of falling was there, more like resting on a column of water, gently coming down. Suddenly you relialize that you are doing 120mph the ground not getting any larger. A few seconds later the parachute opens with a screeching halt you are hangin at 6,000ft looking down at the earth. Then the silence strikes you, there isnt a single loud noise in the area, a deadly silence, that can only be considred peaceful as you look down at the world. Insignificant your problem become. You are one with the world and then you aren't. Enjoy the trip for it last not long enough. And if you get the gaul to do it again. I wish you peace and silence on your trip down. May the clouds be soft as the landsing so you can go again.
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photo by: jdax57