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    Here are some pictures of my day trip to Paris. To start off, the trip began sometime around 6amish with a car ride along A6. Me and my buddy believed the car ride wouldn't be too long. As far as I knew Paris would be a quick 4hr drive. Five hours or so later we arrive outside Paris (outside zone 3 from the tram on the yellow route). The intent was to catch a ride into Paris, the Louvre first as a major starting point. As we attempted to gain tickets that would take us there, we got our first taste of French rudeness. We used our combined language skills German; no luck as no one spoke German; Spanish; again no luck with this language; English; even less helpful (dirty looks began to grown as the line grew); gave an attempt at pointing to a set ticket type ( again the cashier gave us a dirty look).
Out of the croud a gal stepped forward and spoke to us in perfect queen's english, and helped us acquire the proper tickets. Helpful angel she was. As a major note if you got a country you speak no language of comparison take some sort of translation book...( poor planning on our part) *grins*
    Once we borded the train, the ride there was mostly uneventful and we arrived at the Louvre undisturbed. A few quick foto opportunities {given that I had recently seen the DaVinci Code, I felt nostalgic at the idea of the pyramid in the depths of the museum...;) } We rounded the long court yard and saw that the steel construction protruding from the earth towards the sky. And figured why not take the chance to get some fresh air and stroll trough the city of love.
Unfortunately, the Effiel tower is not as close as it seems. Things never seem close when the are extremely large...;)
    About an hour or so later after strolling along Paris towards the tower, we arrive at our planned destination, the lines strangely snaking out from the legs of the tower base. We entered the wait to climb up the tower (well take the elevator after the hike climbing that high seemed a huge task). Take my advise take the ticket to the third floor..;)  From the second floor paris seemed harmless, but from the 3rd floor, the world takes on a whole new perspective. Long Tour buses reduced to harmless one inch lines strewn like grass leaves along the courtyard.  Upon completion of my scare of heights we clambered down the tower as the sun set off to the distant west giving paris a whole new color scheme, we wondered toward the train station (just down the street. We caught the well lit tower, and a surprising sparkiling show from the tower that was a complete awe....
    The Louvre Museum is a must Gala for anyone interested in artwork and classic period frescoes.  Pass by the Mona Lisa (not as large as you think it is) and the Venus de Milo. the rest of the Museum would take a whole day to visit.  Definately swing through the Crown Jewels room if you want to be blown away at the extravagant adornments of the rich and famous of time past.
    Sadly our trip had to end there at the Louvre as we had killed a good part of the day, and contemplating the long drive back to Kaiserslautern Germany...We left having found our day a successful affair...another year perhaps the Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame Gothic Cathedral.  And whatever else I might have missed...;)
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photo by: Sweetski