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Believe it or not we were actually up and out of bed around 10am. It was off to the pool to recooperate. The pool was small but it sufficed. There was a lazy river that snaked around the grounds, which was nice. Except it was a small children magnet... don't get me started. Of course each hotel/ casino boasts its own "giant" drink. I believe it all started with the classic "yard of marg". You will see eiffel tower cups filled with margaritas, giant sippie cups of bacardi rum runners, and anything else themed and giant that you can put a drink in walking down the strip in the hands of legal and underaged kids alike! Well the 13 of us became very acustomed to our hotel's specialty... we fondly look back on those days and our minds drift straight to (drumroll) the infamous "football". Yes that is right for the low low price of $12 ($10 for refills) you can have your very own 40 oz Monte Carlo, football, drink cup... a collectors item if I've ever seen one. Showing a little cleavage at the bar never hurt the strength of your drink either (just a hint for those who are on your way to Vegas).

The morning was filled with our new hang over recovery method.
1. Debrief from the night before... who did what, who was the drunkest, who met the cutest boy, etc. (the basics)
2. Sit by the pool flipping over every 30 minutes to avoid heat stroke :)
3. The goal is to have your football filled before noon... got to get stared early around this town.

Up stairs we went got dressed and hit the strip. Outside of the hotel was a little booth where "guides" worked. These gentlemen, with some mad flirting, were willing to give us VIP tickets to Pure, Tabu, Coyote Ugly, Tao, and Tryst. Woot woot. Score number one for the giant football drink. Without a little help from our friends the "hurricane" and "bahama mama", flirting to the extent we did would have been out of the question.

First stop... the Bellagio. Beautiful, Big, and Expenisve... the way we like it. In all seriousness the Bellagio is quite beautiful. The glass sculpture on the ceiling is amazing, and the conservatory, always changing, is fun to walk through and take pictures in. Of course you can't go to Vegas without seeing the fountains. (Which is one of my favorite parts). The fountains go off every 30 minutes durring the day and every 15 minutes at night. We watched the fountains a few times and were on our way.

Second stop... the margarita bar outside of Caesars. DELICIOUS... they will mix whatever you want there and it is magically delicious. I think this was also about the time that I almost bought Celine Dion tickets for that evening. Haha...

We definately met some cool, possibly creepy people along the way. One such gentleman proceeded to follow us for almost an hour. Good thing there are approximately ten billion people on the strip on any given afternoon. We decided to stop at Jimmy Buffett's margaritaville, partially because we have a soft spot in our hearts for Mr. Jimmy Buffett and partially because we were too drunk to go on, and yes it is only 5pm at this point. Hey if you can't be drunk in Vegas... where can you be drunk?

I'm not sure if it was the liquor, or maybe the subliminal liquor messages coming in the form of Jimmy Buffett songs, but the food was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! Good old burger and fries... it doesn't get any better than that. We decided to catch a taxi back home to take a nap before the evening progressed.

I decided to head up to the other girls' room to hang out. We drank a bit and skipped about the casino, drinking and hanging out. We played some roulette, which is the easiest game to play if you have no idea what you're doing. It's also the easiest game to loose a crap-ton of money if you have no idea what you are doing. I on the other hand seemed to know exactly what i was doing. i was winning left and right... in fact i won $100 by the end of my hour at the table... THANK YOU JIMMY BUFFETT!

In the monte carlo there is a pub, in fact it is the only pub that brews it's own beer on the strip... fancy that? The girls and I headed down there for a snack and a TOWER OF BEER! They bring out these towers that literatly are full of beer. They have a tap on the bottom and the table can all enjoy some brewsky. Attention ladies... now is the time to pull out your cameras. Perfect picture oppotunity. What could be a better myspace picture than you and a TOWER OF BEER? If there is one I am unaware.

By 10pm we were ready to hit the town. We had earlier aquired free passes to Coyote Ugly, and since we had nothing better to do whe headed over to New York New York to check out the club. Final thoughts... DO NOT GO HERE. This bar was not only crowded and small, but the drinks were weak and expensive and everyone just stands around staring at the girls on the bar, who are not funny. Plus they let non coyotes dance on the bar for free shots, and I am sure you can imagine what a ridiculous display that is. I was so completely disappointed and pissed by the atmosphere all I wanted to do was go back to our room. Instead we left the bar and paraded around the New York New York until we heard some lovely music emanating from a bar in the middle of the casino. The Bar at Times Square, is a piano bar that is the BOMB DOT COM. It only costs $5 to get in, there is no dress code, and the crowd is laid back and so fun. The best part is the dueling pianos in the middle of the bar. They play songs and by giving one or the other money and cheering for them, you vote on which song you want to hear. It gets really intense, and the drunk old men lay down $100s to hear ACDC and Crosby Stills and Nash on the piano. Sometimes they even play college fight songs... now on Spring Break I am sure that you can understand the crazyness that ensues. We had so much fun at this bar. I will most definately go back, and totally recomend it for anyone traveling to Vegas in the future.

The shitty thing about most "bars" vs. "clubs" in Vegas is that the bars close at 2am vs 7am. We were kicked out all high on piano bar hysterics and ready to party some more. We gallavanted about in the New York New York, causing scenes everywhere we went. The best was when Kari tried to spill Jody's beer, so Jody turned around and popped the top of Kari's beer with the butt of her own beer. Of course if you are tailgating and shotgunning beers this is fun game, but all dressed up in a casino in Las vegas, this was a complete disaster. Danika and Kari both go down, and topple over eachother, until they are and jumbled mess of arms aand legs, frolicking in a pool of beer on the floor of the casino. At least the decor gives off the impression that you are outside :) haha it was soooo damn funny.

We paraded up and down the strip taking pictures and being abnoxious, inroducing ourselves to bums, etc. My favorite bum's name was Jerry and he had the greatest sign ever. It read "Oh who am I kidding? I need money for booze..." HAHAHAHAHA. I gave him like $5 bucks because honesty is the best policy. Until we found an open drug store. We bought like ten bottles of champaign and took them out to the bu stop on the strip and, just like any movie star would do, we shook it up and let 'em RIP. Approximately 2 minutes after te beginning of this charade, we all realized what a bad idea this was, becuase we now are all sticky and gross. We later dubbed this our bus stop party... that resultd in disaster. Once the clock struck 4am we decided it was time to turn in for the night.

So off to bed it was... sticky and all. :)

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