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The next morning, we were not as chipper as the morning before. We still made it to the pool by 11am though. Our adorable bartender made us some delicious Mai Thais in our football and we proceeded to lie about in the sun until 1 or 2. We ended up meeting some really cool guys from down south somewhere (yes accents and all) who were sigma pis. Of course, being the sorority girls that we are, we gave little gasps of joy and decided to meet up with them later. Myself and my three roommates retired to avoid heat stroke and headed out on the strip to do some more exploring.
We ended up at Caesar's Palace playing roulette, aka. the most addicting fun game EVER. We also went into the mardi gras drink place and got some re-fills on our footballs. Those little shops are all over the strip and the drinks are great. We walked up and down the forum shops swooning in the coach, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and fendi stores.
Caesar's is home to an FAO Schwartz toy store. Of course in we went to take some photos and look for a giant piano. It's funny that the mystique and fun of toy stores never seems to fade. I found myself oooohing and aaaaahing a lot. Also I found myself saying, "omg I wish that we had this when I was little". Toys are so much cooler now... The toy store is three stories of fun games and toys and photo opportunities. On the top floor there is a giant floor piano, identical to the one in the movie BIG with Tom Hanks. That kept us occupied for a while. Mary had a little lamb and chopsticks are much harder to play on a giant piano that you would think.
After making a raucous in FAO went on in our exploration across the street to the Barbary Coast in search of something to eat. The only place we found was a shi shi steak place that a). we couldn't afford and b). we were absolutely not dressed for. Instead we played some penny slots, when Allyson won a $50 jackpot... yes on a PENNY MACHINE.
We made it all the way down to Harrah's before we found something to eat. There we stopped at Toby Keith’s I love this Bar and Grill (I know cute huh?). Again this was some good old bar food, burgers and fries, and it was very well priced. Also every time they play the Toby Keith song, "I love this bar" they give you free shots at the bar. It was Mexico-esque because you open your mouth and the bartender pours a shot in your mouth. They played the song twice in the time that we were there.
After dinner we headed back to the hotel to shower and get ready for the evening. We stopped at the Bellagio to watch the fountains a few times, which by the is my absolute FAVORITE part of Las Vegas. My favorite "shows" are the Sarah Brightman song and Faith Hill "This Kiss". It's such a clever idea, and I just love it.
After showers, primping, and debating over which high heels would hurt the least. We headed across the strip to the MGM. We stopped at the circle lounge in the middle of the casino where we got martinis. The crowd was weird though, and these old married guys kept hitting on us. So we set off in search of something cooler. Now me being the total science and animal nerd that I am, I totally freaked over the LION EXHIBIT. I guess since its "MGM" they have live lions in an exhibit on the casino level. Total highlight for me until I started thinking about how sad it was that the lions were in there all cooped up in a CASINO? Oh well.
We were stopped by and extremely attractive man who was wearing an Armani suit... yeah drool. He told us he was the manager of the "ultra lounge" Tabu. He gave us VIP passes, so we headed there to check it out. This place was pretty sweet. Not as cool at Tao, but in the same realm. We met some older guys here who were totally creepy, but were doctors and kept buying us drinks. Turns out they were actually kind of cool so we danced the night away with them. It was really fun and the bathroom was AMAZING (seemed to kind of be a theme). The only problem with this place was that, there was this really old guy in one of the VIP sections who had hookers all around him practically stripping on him. It was a bit uncomfortable, but hey we were drunk and had our own doctors to dance with. Come to think of it, those guys were probably lying about being doctors just to impress us. Oh who cares, free drinks are free drinks!
We decided to head home around 3am because we were having some shoe problems. Back at the hotel Allyson went to bed, but me Christina and Cathy decided to head back to the casino and play blackjack. I lost all the money I had won earlier, but it was so fun. After a while we headed back to the room taking pictures all the way back up.


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