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Our flight left at 8am... OUCH. That means we rolled up to DIA at 6am. Doing the math, this means I was half asleep, finishing packing, and getting myself ready at 5am. Let me tell you. I don't do 5am. What can I say, if you want to get anywhere at a reasonable time within a reasonable budget... the 8am flight is the only way to go!

Arriving in Vegas was fun becuase Miss Christina had chartered a LIMO for us. There was a sign and everything. We started our vacation off in style. We stayed at the Monte Carlo, which is next to the New York, New York. Suprisingly cheap and nice for a strip hotel. Walking distance was the name of the game!

After checking out the pool and casino we headed back up to the room to shower and get ready for some real Vegas action.

We jumped in a taxi and took off to the RIO to watch the Masquerede in the Sky, which is just cheesy enough to be enjoyable. Had some Mexican food and a 40 oz margarita... in a collectable cup of course! Then it was off to the "Flirt" lounge for some drinks and pre "show" pictures. Yes ladies that is right... a Chippendales show was in our future. Man oh man were we the hit of the lounge too. Imagine 14 sorority girls walking into the lounge, in short dresses and high heels... yeah we travel in packs. Hahaha!

The show was fun, the usual. Lots of screaming and sweating... all in all though, it was enjoyable :). There were some acrobats though... man they did things you couldn't even imagine. Holy COW!

Back in a taxi and back to the Monte Carlo. We gambled and drank of course... You know its funny. They tell you that you are drinking for free, when in actuality you are gambling away money to get drinks. Technically those drinks are costing you quite a bit more than they would have cost at the bar 10 feet away! But hey... who is counting right? Whats a little fun? Especially when someone will let you throw the dice for them... now you're not gambling any money, still getting free drinks, and are the center of attention!

Around midnight, we took off down the strip skipping and singing, reminiscing about the lovely muscular men of the Chippendales theather. We walked down to Caesars before we realized that a. we needed another drink and b. that the blisters on our feet were not getting any smaller or hurting any less. We took a taxi down to old Freemont Street. This was really cool. For most Vegas go-ers the grass is so much greener on the other side of the fence. You see this huge pretty part of Vegas with millions of gallons of water, themed masterpieces, and trendy retaurants and clubs vs. this old kind of "west fest" part of vegas with casinos named the Golden Nugget (no offense). Most tourists don't make it down to old Vegas anymore. They are too enamoured with the grandeur of Caesars, the MGM, and the Fountains of the Bellagio (ok so who wouldn't be). The point is that you always see in old movies, old Vegas. It was interesting to see how things have changed so drastically in the past 20 years! Especially for that crazy city. Of course I enjoyed myself being a total nerd and history buff. The best part of the night was that we got to see them blow up the Stardust! How cool is that... well I mean they are blowing up an iconic hotel to make room for some themed, air conditioned jungle of lights and penny machines, but I felt very historic being able to see the building get blown up. It was on CNN! Of course there was a whole show to see... there were fireworks and a countdown from 10. The best part was all of the drunk Spring Breakers, trying to count down. Once they blew the building up, we were so close that the dust and smoke from the explosion headed stright for us. People started screaming and running away like a typhoon was coming to eat them... It was quite comical!

All in all the first day (and a half I guess, since I didn't make it back to the room until 4am) proved to be an exceptionally fun time! Of course I have to thank my LOVELY ladies who were with me... it would never have been as great without you! Our other nights were of course fun, but I must say that the best thing to do in Vegas is get drunk (I know how juvenille of me) and walk to strip. Durring Spring Break especially you will meet some crazy people... my best pictures come from this night when we were just being crazy at 3am... becuase, well you can be crazy and loud at 3am in this city.


Lauren = up $35 (YES!)

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Las Vegas
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