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We take a taxi into Jakarta where we will look for a place for me to stay. She directs the taxi driver to Jalan Jaksa, the main backpacker street in Jakarta. The first place we check is called Jackser - It's like a pub at the front but out the back there are many small rooms, all very basic. They want 40,000rp for the night but Allison thinks we can get somewhere with air conditioning for a little extra. I'm up for air conditioning - This heat is immense.

Back to Jackser for some food. The menu is huge and I have no idea what any of it is. What ever it was that I ate tho was tasty as hell. We also manage to pick up a battered old copy of Lonly Planet that just happend to be laying arround. Now I can get some idea what to do while I'm here at least.

So,we have eaten, found a place for me to stay and I have managed to get together a few ideas about what I'd might like to do whilst I'm here. It's almost time for Allice to leave. She has a train to catch. Just as she stands up to leave, this bloke comes over to us and introduces himself. Dave, that's his name. He is English and says he has been living in Indonesia for the past 21 years. He seems a bit of an eccentric but nice enough. We chat for a while and Allice leaves us.

When Dave asks me where I'm staying, I hesitate and avoid the subject but after another hour of chat I decide that he is harmless enough. When I tell him where I'm staying he tells me that its 'a bad place'. Now I'm a little worried. But then he asks if I would like to come and stay with him for the night. I'm very weary as I just can't quite work this guy out but I agree regardless.
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The journey is long. First up, 7.5 hours to Bahrain. Then I wait 5 hours for the next flight which is a 9 hour stint on to Jakarta, stopping in Kuala Lumpar for 1 hour on the way. I manage to slip in a few hours kip for good measure.

Arriving in Jakarta I have mixed fealings. Excitement, Joy, Fear. It's possible I will meet Anna (the woman my dad was supposed to be meeting) or maybe Allison, her friend, but nothing hass been arranged so I don't know. I hope I do because I have a bag full of 'shit' to give her (makeup, a jumper, some papers etc). Well, at least I thought I did until I got to baggguage collection. Waiting at the convayer belt for twenty minutes watching hundreds of bags go past, none of them mine - not fun. I turn to someone who looks kind of official, point to the convayer belt and say "Gulf Air" slowly. Turns out I'm standing in completely the wrong place and my bag is actually round the corner waiting for me. There is no sign of Anna's bag tho so I head to the lost bagguage office and report it.

What next? I don't know. Try and find Anna I guess. I had a rough description from my Dad - small, white, dreadlocks! But I don't see anyone like that hanging around so I head for the exit.

As I step out the door the heat hits me. Fuck, it's hot!

I am greated by twenty or thirty little tiny offices with Indonesian men shouting "Taxi!" rather loudly at me. I ask one of the touters where I can change some money. He speakes some Indonesian at me and becons me to follow. I have the distinct fealing that I'm about to be ripped off but luckly I'm saved by a tap on the shoulder. "Tom?" she asks. "Anna?" I reply. "No, I'm Allison".
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11,786 km (7,323 miles) traveled
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