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What the hell do I pack? Where the hell is Indonesia? What language do they speak? What currency do they use? I don't have a clue. Well actually I know where Indonesia is - I've played the board game Risk many many times. It's near Australia, so it must be hot...

It's now about three O'clock in the morning, my bag is packed and I'm standing in the kitchen with my Dad. I can't remember the last time I had a real heart to heart with him so it's a little strange for me. Strange, but good. Then my Mum joins us in a big group hug. Dad flops out a lump of hash and I skin what will be my last splif for a while.

Mum takes me to the bus stop on the A40 where I can catch the bus straight to the airport. (4:00am) We say our fairwells and thats that. I'm actually going.

I arrive at the airport at two hours later and have four hours to kill until the flight leaves. On trying to check in I'm told that I can't use the ticket since it's not in my name. "It's only the bloody first initial thats different!" but I didn't seem to be getting anywhere arguing about it. In the end I decide that it doesn't matter. I'm going to Indonesia, so I buy myself a ticket there and then. That little purchase just doubled my debt but I really don't care.
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It's about one o'clock in the morning. I've just been round my friends getting stoned as usual. But when I return home on this particular evening, I walk in to my house to find my Parents, Uncle and one of their friends in full scale battle mode. Tears, screams, it's all happening. Nothing too abnormal here.

Twenty minutes later, I'm told that my Dad is no longer going to use his ticket to Indonesia - not that I even know he has such a thing. Apparently he was supposed to be going out there to meet his, well I don't quite know what, his bit on the side? His second love? Anyway he is not going to use the ticket and I am asked "Tom, Do you want it?". I'm not quite sure if thats a serious question and besides, I have a full time job working as a graphic designer for a local design firm. But it's my uncle that convinces me. "Tom, this is the chance of your lifetime, it will change your life. Oh how I wish I was 18 again" I know he is right. I hesitate and reply with a slightly confused yes. "Well go and pack, your flight is in 8 hours."
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