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Yesterday was a partly a crappy day as it rained for most of it. I went with a group of people from Team Diabetes to Corocovado which is the Christ the Redeemer statue. It was really cool but also really sucky as the rain caused it to be foggy and cloudy and you couldnt really see the Jesus statue or the view from it. I plan on going back so I can get some neat pics and see it when it is better.

The good parts of yesterday were A) I got my flag back and someone from Team Diabetes found it and B) we had our celebration dinner which was really good.

This morning was a bunch of goodbye´s to the team members that were heading home, which was basically everybody. There are a few of us still in Rio. Some are doing hostels and some are still at the swanky hotel.

I have ventured off to Rio Hostel in the Santa Teresa neighborhood in Rio. It looks pretty good and the Lonely Planet book recommended it. It shall be interesting. Right now it is just me and some dude as everyone is out for the day so me figures I will go talk to him and see where he is from and stuff. I also have to go get some food. I also can´t wait until people come back from their adventures this day has brought them so I can meet new people and figure out what I am going to do tomorrow and the rest of today.

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