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me at the finish line in rio

I finished my marathon today in around 4:30hr mark. It was once again sticken hot. I got a good tour of Rio today because of the marathon as we ran by all the famous beaches, through some real slummy areas, ran by an a beach that was setting up for a surfing championship and I almost had to stop as I love surfing but I continued on.

This time I paced myself better and did not wear out as easily as I did in Hawaii and my feet do not look like ugly old people feet, yay! I can also walk with no pain. The only disappointing part is somewhere between where I got my pic taken with my medal and getting on the bus back to the hotel my Canadian flag went missing. It sucks because I was going to make the people staying at the hostel I am going to be at honary Canadians on July 1 and I was going to make them celebrate Canada Day with me and get a pic with all of us and the flag. I guess my little paper ones will have to suffice.

I also met a pretty good looking police officer along the race today. I was at the end of a pace group and since they only close the roads off when we are actually on them he was right behind me as the next bunch of people were further back. 

The marathon is finished and I am happy as I can now relax and not have to worry about anything.

Yesterday I went and explored around Ipanema (the neighborhood I am staying in) and I got a little lost but made it out alright. And yes I went exploring by myself. Before anyone starts to shake their heads and go what the hell were you doing, you have to know I am in the richy rich area right now and it is super safe especially during the day. I saw some cool things, cool people, interesting grocery stores, a really cool park and families hanging out as it was Saturday morning.

Yesterday afternoon I went exploring with a few other girls from Canada and we went to Sugarloaf Mountain. Awesome view and some really interesting looking monkeys. I also got to see this area where there is a samba stadium and an area where 800 samba school practice. The samba stadium is the main part of where carnival starts and people can sit in the stands to view the whole thing. I also saw this amazing church, I thought mine was big as it seats 1500 or so, well this one seats 20, 000.

This afternoon will be more exploring this time I am heading out what is referred to as the Hippie Fair which is basically a farmers market and arts and crafts and stuff for sale. I guess artsy people here are hippies.

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me at the finish line in rio
me at the finish line in rio