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Tuesday June 26

Today I moved from the super posh area of Ipanema to the Rio hostel. On the ride there I thought I was going to be staying in the favelas, thankfully it wasnt in the favelas but close enough and really sketchy. When I first arrived it was really lonely as everyone was out and about. Later that day I met a girl from London, England and we hung out. We went to Cafe Columbo which is one of the oldest and most beautiful cafes in Rio. Absolutely amazing. I had a shot of Chacha which tasted like Tequila and a chocolate/chili tart. We then wandered around downtown got completely lost so finally got on a bus back to the hostel. Later that evening I met more people from London, Ireland and Germany. According to these British people I sound like an american from the usa which I beg to differ but oh well.

This city smells like raw sewage for the most part and the drivers are crazy and traffic is insane. So if anyone from Edmonton complains about drivers or traffic they havent seen anything.

I also went to two local pubs that night which were pretty fun but the walk back to the hostel was scary as hell. Not a very good area but not to be worried I am now in the safe area once again.

Wed June 27

Today I went with Natalie the girl from London and walked from Leblon beach to Copacobana beach which is about 10km. Nice walk but tiring. We sat at Copacobana beach and had coconut water straight from the coconut. We then took the subway from Copacobana to the Marcana station where we got out and walked to the National Museum. The Museum somewhat sucks as it reminded me of the Royal Alberta Museum just in desperate need of a reno. The area the museum is in is beautiful and it is in the old royal palace for the portuguese. The surprising thing is the building is falling apart and the museum has been there since 1890 something, you´d think these people would keep good care of their historical buildings but they dont. Wednesday night I packed my stuff up as I decided I needed to move back to the Ipanema area due to a personal safety concern. Tuesday night some girls got mugged and had a knife the size of a bread knife held to their throat. The girls are fine just a little shaken up and without some money and cameras. I didnt want that to happen to me and didnt feel safe in the area from the get go. The hostel was safe and welcoming but the neighbourhood was quite sketchy.

Thurs. June 28

Today I moved to Hostel Ipanema which is in a gated compound but is also in the safest area in rio where you see baba´s wandering around at all hours of the day swinging their purses around and not being afraid. I feel super safe once again which is so nice. When I got in the cab at the old hostel i thought the cabbie didnt understand where he was to take me as he kept going up the hill when i thought he should be going down hill as i wasnt too far from a beach. ah ha he went up hill as it is a short cut to ipanema from the santa teresa area. when i got at the hostel i made friends with a guy from denmark and we tried to learn some portuguese, more funny then actually being able to speak it. i then ended up walking around the area, getting a pop then some ice cream. then i wandered down ipanema beach and talked to some fellow canadians. I then later fell asleep on the beach, I guess I was tired but now I have a nice tan. I then went to the bank, ha ha ha what an experience. Trying to figure out an all portuguese bank machine. I think it took me 15 mins which felt like an hour but it gave me money and the right amount so I am happy. I then went to McDonalds for food cuz it is cheap and I am on a budget. Thank god a big mac in portuguese is still big mac. Thank god for the language of Mc Donalds being universal!

Ok now time to go convince people they need to go to the Iguazu Falls with me on Sunday!!!

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