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On Saturday June 30th I went with my 3 new friends from England to book a trip to Foz do Iguacu. We did that and found a pretty cheap flight there for Sunday July 1st. The day was full on predicaments as Jack was having problems with his bank card and couldnt get money and was having difficulties phoning the bank in England so they could fix the problem. He then figured he would exchange his travellers cheques but the travel agency we were at didnt accept travellers cheques and all banks are closed on Saturdays here. By the time he found a place that would exchange them they were just about to close and wouldnt accept his business as they wanted to close shop. All in all we got our trip booked.

We then headed off to a football match of Botofogo versus Flamanese at the brand new Panam games stadium. It was an awesome experience and probably the best soccer game I have ever seen or will ever see. The calibur of soccer played was average but the fans were crazy and fun. It was one big party all the time. They allow the fans to bring in everything from huge 6 foot or longer bamboo poles to attach their huge flags supporting their teams too. They also had fans with fireworks, spaklers, toliet paper to throw as streamers. You name it they had it. It was wicked. There was also times when the opposing team would score and the fans would look over to the side where the other teams fans were sitting and they would yell at them and swear and give them the finger even if they were there with their little kids. Craziness. Of course it seems to be that no matter where in the world you are the stadiums are always in the sketchy areas of town. Kind of like the location of commenwealth stadium in Edmonton. Beaware when you leave cuz you dont want to get mugged.

That night we headed off to the area of Lapa to go to a samba club. It was very fun. Two of my friends Jack and Paul ended up making out with two of the workers from our hostel. Lucky boys I guess. As well i saw a girl from the first hostel i stayed at and she was making out with one of the guys who worked at that hostel. I guess that is just the norm. Lesley is just a people watcher.

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7 days into the trip and two rainy days hopefully i will see no more rain but how can i complain it is their winter, it would be like a person complaining about it snowing in january in edmonton.

i went to the contemporary art museum yesterday which was super boring, i dont know what people see in a yellow rectangle or an orange triangle...seriously people it is a shape. the museum is on the island of niteroi which i went to with danoy. he is my roommate here in rio and he is from denmark. we had to take a bus and a ferry to get to the museum. the building the museum is in is very neat as it looks like a space ship. that is the reason i went as i really wanted to see the building as i remember seeing it in the show "Where in the World is Carmen San Deigo?" as a kid. Like I said earlier the art inside the building is art. They do have an interactive section where you can use wooden blocks to create the view you see. You can also draw the view in geometeric images. Another exhibit is based on sounds, video and moving parts. The video has a jug being filled with water but the noises represent breathing and the jugs are filled in unisent to the breathing.

We met a local girl there in which danoy spent 3hrs talking to and after an hour i really wanted to go but didnt want to leave him on his own nor did I want to venture off on my own as much as I wanted to leave I patiently waited. We all went to this cafe for a drink and these cheese bun looking tim bit thingys. They taste just like cheese buns.

When I was in the museum I got to see a procession of well decorated boats for the day of St. Peter.

Lastly I went shopping at the grocery store Zona Sul which is basically like the old IGA┬┤s. I got a bunch of new crystal light flavours you can not find in Canada. I also foind a coconut flavoured kit kat bar, very very tasty. Note to the wise do not buy cheetos in Brazil. They taste like shit, they are not the same fake cheesy flavour you find back home. Good thing I got some chips. So dinner consisted of guarana zero, chips, coconut kit kat.

Finally the night ended off when the night security guy for the hostel brought in a local dessert which is basically rice with coconut baked on a cookie sheet. You then pour condensed milk over it which is very tasty. Also I had two Caipirinha which is made of brazilian cachaca that is distilled from sugar cane. It is there version of rum and the drink is there version of a vodka slime. very tasty but very toxic as 2 drinks later i was done and super drunk. suprisingly no hang over this morning.

Today I plan on going surfing, getting tickets to leave for the Iguacu Falls and then heading off to a football match.