Finally in Rio, very late but I am here!

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What a start to my travelling adventure and what an adventure it has been. Everything started great especially since security at the Edmonton airport never gave me a hard time. Normally they have issues with all of my diabetes stuff, this time no problem. I got to Chicago and Miami A-OK. Then right before we were to board the plane in Miami we were told that there was a delay and would have to wait a half hour. Ok fine no big deal. Half hour goes by and they tell us another half hour. All of a sudden all the departure boards for every flight leaving Miami international go to cancelled. The airport had been shut down and then mass chaos sets in. Tonnes of confused people rush the check in counters and there is still no answers. A few rumors were going around that a plane was hijacked. I think it was just a rumor because people in mass histeria like to create possible situations to make them feel better. At this point I figure I might as well find somewhere to crash and go to sleep cuz nothing is happening until the morning, and I was very thankful I brought a pillow with me at that point.

11PM rolls around and I am informed that I am now on a new flight headed to Mexico City. Smart Lesley had called American Airlines 800 number earlier to see what was going on and to see if I could get myself on other flights in other cities if there was any. I get to Mexico City at 2am and then had 45 minutes to get myself to the other side of their airport and board a plane for Buenos Aires, Argentina. I arrive in Buenos Aires at 830am. Then I had only a half hour to make the flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil. I make it there on time as well, woohoo I am a good runner. Now I am finally on my way to Rio. I make it to Rio for noon. Check in clear immigration and security and now have my room and am safe and sound.

The area that our hotel is in is very nice and the weather is about the 26, so it is nice. Ipanema Beach is lovely as well. Any who nothing really much to report on Rio just yet as I have been up since 330 am on Thursday June 21 and am starting to feel as though I am going to crash.

All I have to really say is I thought this trip would be an adventure but never imagined the trip I have been on so far. Lastly the real positive thing about it is my luggage arrived in Rio with me. I definately thought it would have been lost.

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