5 days to go and I am sick

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In 5 days I will be off to my wild and crazy adventure in Brazil, one problem though...I have a cold/flu...I think. Thank god my good friend Jesse, introduced me to Oil of Oregano as I think it is helping, well it better cuz I have to be better by Wednesday. I guess the bonus in all of this is that I have no appetite which means I am getting skinnier, ha ha ha. Not that I wont gain that back.

5 days before I leave and I need to finish unpacking all of my stuff. I just moved into my own place. I bought a brand spanking new condo and the unpacking of everything has been slow. It would have gone much faster if I would have taken up the offer I had to get help moving my TV. But oh no stubborn Lesley had to do it herself and tear part of her finger off in the process. Stitches in your middle finger on your dominent hand equals not being able to do much. Oh well lesson learned and the stitches come out tomorrow.

My real question I sit here and ponder is, "Will I be able to pack one weeks worth of clothes and stuff into my huge hiking backpack?" If anyone really knows me, they know that my normal choice of luggage is a hockey bag. I use the hockey bag for two reasons: A) I can put my boogie board on the bottom of the bag and have it arrive in one piece; and B) I am female and need to pack everything minus the kitchen sink because you never know.

I am going to be spending most of my trip in a hostel and will be backpacking around Brazil and Argentina hence the hiking backpack. I didn't want to be wheeling a real suitcase around nor did I want to be lugging my humungous hockey bag through South America.

I think one of the most exciting parts of my trip will be July 1st. That is Canada Day and this patriotic Canadian is going to be celebrating it in Rio. I am planning on making the other people in my hostel honorary Canadian Citizens in which that night we will celebrate Canada Day!!! If all goes as planned there should be some awesome pictures posted!

Signing off for now...time to go hunt down some Canada stuff at Dollarama!!!

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photo by: silan