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For those of you who are interested, here's my pack list, refined time after time as I shed unecessary items:

Tylenol, immodium, pepto, cipro   
USD/CAD cash 400
Pristine (non-foul tasting water treatment drops)
Airline information photocopied
Nose plug for white water kayaking   
Travel locks
Liquid soap/Campsuds
Day pack
Bubble wrap
Small ziplocs
Swiss Army knife
Sun block/bug spray
International Driver's License
First aid kit
Spanish Lesson, MP3's
Belt wallet (belt with hidden zipper to stash emergency cash)
Document sorter
AAA batteries for headlamp
Travel Journal
Pens, Permanent Marker
Neck Pillow for long rides
Trekking poles
Sleeping Bag
Travel Shots
Thermal underwear
One light fleece
Pants x 2
Flip flops
Credit and bank cards, PINS
Large ziplocs (freezer type)
Light dry sack
Two polyester polo shirts (t-shirts make you look like a tourist)
Compression sacks
Tripod, remote switches
Long Sleeve Shirt
Guidebook, trimmed down (unecessary parts removed and rebound at Kinko's)
Travel adapters
Extra passport pictures
Business cards and protector
Mp3 player
Cereal bars
Wet naps
Swim trunks aka extra underwear
Battery Chargers
Passport and copies scanned
Febreeze or portable axe deodorant
Microfiber lens cloth
Compression sacks (press clothes into a tiny ball)
Camera and lens x2
Pillow case/nylon sack
Underwear x5 (quick dry)
Snowboard Lock
Socks x 5 (trekking and running)
Post it notes
Two decks of cards plus some of my magic tricks
Money belt
Microfiber Towel

This time, I'm shedding things I found I haven't used much, like my snowboarding jacket and memory card reader, since memory is so cheap and from my experience, Internet cafes and DVD burners are everywhere.

Also, check out this article.  Talks about minimizing to travel the lightest.  I'm bringing an ultralight sleeping bag because I sleep cold and many places don't have heating - don't forget it's winter there.  I remember in Mexico I slept under a heap of 7 blankets but still was cold.

The real bulk of my weight can be attributed to my SLR camera and lenses.  I've tried to stay as light as possible by going with the Rebel XT.  For lenses, I'm using the Sigma 17-70 - good range, sharp, and decent build.  I used to use the Sigma 18-200, but I compromised quality for convenience (zoom).  I'm also carrying the super-light (130g), fast, and sharp prime lens Canon 50 1.8 Mark II.  It will be useful for dark scenarios.

Still, I plan to buy much of whatever I need there as I need it - clothes, a messenger bag for city hiking, etc.

Not to mention, I have to save room for junk jewelry!

* Pack weight at airport was 10kg.   Day pack with camera gear adds an extra 2-3kg.

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photo by: yasuyo