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I take my magic tricks (mostly cards) along with me to break the ice with other travellers.  This time, I befriended locals with my tricks, and thus far, I have received and incredible reception.

Yesterday, I was eating lunch.  A teenage girl was sitting across from me.  I asked her in Spanish if she wanted to see a magic trick.  Within 30 seconds, everyone in the canteen was hovering around my table.  I put on a short performance, putting everyone in awe, and left the canteen with everyone regretfully waving goodbye to me.  One of my trekking partners actually filmed on of my tricks, and so far it's my favourite.  I'll definitely have to post it.

This morning, I had a similar incident.  I woke up at 5a.m. at the campsite, well before the 7:30 wake up time expected of us for today's hike.   I could see that no one else was going to wake up for a long time - they were pretty beaten from yesterday's trek (as well as my salsa lesson :P ), so after doing a bit of writing and getting ready, I walked into town (Santa Teresa) at 6a.m. to watch the town wake up. 

It's a small town, but I absolutely love its market.  It's rustic, comprised of the typical shacks with the aluminum sheet roofs held down by rocks.  The night before, I was dying to wander the market - vibrant, lit up, and alive with activity.  To my surprise, a few of the shops are open.  I walk into a shop in a regular buildling and start photographing the items. 

The owner invites me into the back, where his simple two-level, open-concept domicile is and his family is having breakfast.  After a few more photos, I quickly pull out my magic tricks.  Upon sitting down, I am immediately invited for breakfast, and enjoy a very interesting combination of fried bananas, some salty cheese, sweet coffee, and bread.  I do my performance, and the family loves it while at the same time, I hold a decent conversation with my basic Spanish.

It was an incredible unexpected experience and I absolutely LOVED being in the company of locals.  Before leaving (very hesitant to), I take down my new friends' address to send the photos I have taken.

I think next time, I'll bring along a few magic tricks for younger kids, so I don't have to "tourist-spoil" them with candy or gifts of any sort.

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Santa Teresa
photo by: rob_ert