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South America's a bit more sketchy than other places I've been to, so here's some preventive measures I've taken.

- Money belt on my waist, inside my pants, with half my credit cards and a photocopy of my passport
- Holster-style money belt under my shirt, with the other credit cards, bank card, and my passport
- A belt, with a hidden compartment to stash some cash
- Cash dispersed in random parts of my bags and clothing
- Some people recommend sewing an inner pocket in your pants.  I think that's a great idea.

This is just a precaution, but seriously, I can't stop myself from having a good time because of being paranoid of the less than 1% corrupt part of the population.  I've had wonderful and safe experiences everywhere so far and I intend the same this time too.  If someone makes an attempt at your property, just smile and  move along.


Internet Explorer is always such a target for trojans and viruses.  Usually I install Firefox if it's not on the PC I'm using so I can surf popup and hassle-free.

Because I'm a computer engineer, I know how easy it is to steal someone's password with a key logging application running the background.  So this time, I wrote up a quick script to generate a page full of random characters and numbers.  I then copy and paste from that page to the password field, which typically isn't logged by those applications.

Here's the page.  If you refresh, you'll notice that the characters change up.  Feel free to use it if you're traveling!
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photo by: rsvpme